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Miracle for Max

by Kalinda

Miracle for Max - Kalinda - Fate's Shield
Part of the Fate's Shield series:
Pages: 106

Max, Alpha Second of Wolf Shield and an alpha wolf, never thought being abducted would be the best thing to happen to him until it leads him to--

Kellan, a selkie with powerful parents whose only true wish is to meet his fated mate. With an arranged mating hanging over his head, Kellan is overjoyed to find Max.

In a race against time, Max and Kellan must find a way to stay together when everything around them seems determined to tear them apart...

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About the Author

Kalinda has been has been reading voraciously since the ripe old age of three, but it's only recently that the voices in her head demanded to be set free. She is a life-long Michigander and wife and mother of two.

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