Matters of His Heart: A Summer Romance

(Vale Valley Season 3 Book 17)

by Giovanna Reaves

Matters of the Heart - Giovanna Reaves - Vale Valley
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

Love has no limits when it comes to matters of his heart.

Quintus Wolfe
After a tragic moment in his childhood, Quintus and his family move to Vale Valley. Years later, with a thriving construction business, he is surrounded by family and friends. Things are almost perfect for Quintus. All except for one thing: he craves a mate and cubs of his own, but he can’t find the ideal alpha to help him build a family. No one that is, until he is drawn to a sexy vampire who brings out the dark, sexual cravings Quintus never dreamed of before.

Scottland Shelton
After his lover dies, Scott moves to Vale Valley looking for a reason to live again. With his thriving psychiatric practice, his popular band, and a community that depends on him, Scott thinks this is the best he can hope for. After years of living alone, he is caught off guard when he finds himself attracted to a certain sexy, omega contractor.

With Quintus falling in love for the first time, and Scott reluctantly experiencing a new awakening of his long-dormant heart, the pair must figure out their places in each other’s lives while navigating the trials of a new relationship. Add in messy family drama, and secrets galore— it all might be more trouble than either man bargained for.

Matters of His Heart is the eighteenth book in Vale Valley Series Season Three. Dive back into the sweet little town where anything magical can happen.

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About the Author

Giovanna (Gia) Reaves is my alter ego, who is a dreamer. I spend my days and nights dreaming and thinking of the world's I want to create with words. I started writing about three years ago, when I was introduced to the world of fan fiction. I loved the idea of creating a new world around characters that people already knew about. And ones that are original of my own making. I have written two novels and a few free stories.

​I am a mother, wife and a military veteran. I enjoy trying new things such as; traveling, cooking and reading. I try to incorporate some of the things I have experienced into my books.

Currently, living in Newport RI, with my two favorite men. If I am not hidden in my cave writing, I like to read and spend time with my hubby and son. I love listening to R and B along with Neo soul when I am writing. When I'm not writing I am trying to perfecting my baking and decorating skills or try to pick up something new. I love spending time with my husband and son playing video games and traveling.

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