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Mama Didn’t Sign Up for This

by Siobhan Smile

Mama Didn't Sign Up For This - Siobhan Smile
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

He had one rule. Sometimes rules were meant to be broken.


My life changed on the first day of school. Could this be a midlife crisis? No, that was too easy an explanation. I never crossed the line of dating a mother of one of the students in my school. That was a complication I didn't need. My brain told me I needed to keep my distance, but every time I ran into Sari Hampton, every part of me screamed she was mine. There was no way I was going to be able to resist the pretty single mom.


I may write romance for a living, but I was just faking it. At thirty-nine, I was not having any success in finding my happily ever after. There was one thing in life I could control—I wanted a family. I'd grown up in foster care. And after years of fostering children like me, I’d given them a place to be safe no matter how briefly they came to me. That was until Reggie arrived, and I knew he was my son. Yet, the first day at his new school, I met Principal Drake Pike. He was too perfect. We weren’t going to be friends, but how long could I remain strong and keep a safe distance between him and my heart?

About the Author

Siobhan Smile is a gender nonconforming author of body positive/diverse happily ever afters with a twist. They features characters of all sizes, shapes, sexualities, gender identities, and races. Reading a Siobhan Smile book lets you escape for a few hours whether that is to an alien world or a contemporary setting, you'll find something outside the norm. Writing books for Siobhan is more than simply telling a story, it's a way for everyone to see themselves get a HEA.