Love’s Perfect Vintage

by Elizabeth Andre

Would you let your mother find your next girlfriend? Beautiful thirty-two year old African-American Aisha Watson works hard all week as a budget analyst and plays hard all weekend as a competitive longsword fighter. But her heart was recently broken, and she’s not even so sure she wants to be in love again after a series of dating disasters. Aisha’s mother decides to find her a nice girl and introduces her to Kris Donnelly.

Kris, with long chestnut brown hair and vibrant green eyes, is Aisha’s former high school classmate who is all grown up and become one of Chicago’s leading sommeliers. In between choosing fine wines, she’s just getting back into dating as Aisha is leaving the scene, but Aisha is about to learn that her mother may be right about something. Could Kris be the woman for whom she’s been searching?

Love’s Perfect Vintage is the first book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book can stand alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.


“Aisha, let me have a crack at finding a nice girl for you. I can’t do any worse than you’ve been doing.”

Those were my mother’s exact words after I told her about the latest woman I met through a lesbian dating app. The first date—and there wouldn’t be a second—had been a disaster. The woman showed up wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt, looking more like she was ready for a Sunday morning trip to the grocery store rather than a sexy date on a Friday night. Getting conversation going was like trying to get honey to flow through a straw, and she kept looking at her phone during the entire meal. As we ate dessert, she revealed that she was hoping her ex-girlfriend would text her.


The woman I had met the previous week on the same dating app hadn’t been much better. She showed up late, and it was immediately obvious that her online photo was about ten years out of date. I don’t have any problems dating older women, but I do like honesty. By the end of the evening, she revealed that she also had a husband. That wasn’t in her profile either, but he didn’t mind her dating me so it was all okay, she said. Apparently, my opinion as to whether I wanted to be the other woman was irrelevant.

She didn’t get a second date either.

I was helping my mom, she of the amazingly green thumb, re-pot and stake some plants when she offered to help me with my dating life. It was a fine June day, Saturday to be precise. She and my dad had built a greenhouse in their backyard years ago when it became clear that my mother was serious about her plants.

She apparently had also become serious about finding me a special someone.

“That’s sweet, Mom, but I really don’t—”

“Look. I know a lot of people. The people I know know a lot of people,” she said.

She wasn’t being full of herself or anything. She was speaking the truth. She had worked for years at a local bank as a loan officer and was also involved with local politics, spending many years getting elected and reelected to the school board, library board and the city council. But she wasn’t just a local busybody. She was a trailblazer, the first black woman elected to each of those positions. Plus, she had been a very active church member for years. All that combined meant my mom knew everyone and everyone knew her. I knew she could get just about anything done, although I wasn’t that sure how she was going to go about finding me a girlfriend. Would she really hit up her old pals from the city council and her church and say, “Do you know any nice girls for my lesbian daughter?”

Yes, actually she would, and she would use those words.


About the Author

Elizabeth Andre writes lesbian erotic romance, science fiction and young adult stories. She is a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. She hopes you enjoy her stories. She certainly loves writing them.

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