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Love Unbroken

by Sasha Kay Riley

Oliver Slade had everything he thought he ever needed. He had a decent house, a beautiful young daughter, and a loving husband. Then it all comes crashing down when that husband turns out to be not so loving after all. Desperate to distract himself and his daughter, he reaches out to an old friend to talk horseback riding lessons in one phone call destined to change their lives forever.

Peter Briggs had intentionally cut Oliver out of his life when Oliver had chosen someone else over him. Sure, he'd never told Oliver his feelings and Oliver hadn't tried to stop their friendship from fading, but hearing from him after so long both hurts and excites him. He knows agreeing to give Oliver and his daughter riding lessons might be more than his heart can handle, yet he just can't say no.

All either of them want is to love and be loved. Will their own pasts and pain make that too much to hope for?

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About the Author

Sasha started writing in junior high, but it wasn't until 2013 that she decided to try publishing when her characters demanded more than just a place on her computer's hard drive. She has always loved books, but when she was in grade school she generally refused to read anything that didn't have a horse on the cover. It's no surprise that she ended up writing stories about equestrians. She's from upstate New York and grew up about a mile from a thoroughbred racetrack. Her dad worked there as a stable hand when she was little, and he used to take her to see the horses. That's where her love of horses began.