Love in the Aftermath

Healing Hearts #1

Love in the Aftermath - Dara Nelson
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Size: 5.25 x 8.00 in
Pages: 346

Kyle thought that his story would be about death.  About love and loss.  About tender moments and utter devastation.  About the one great love of his life and his total heartbreaking loss.

Jason was it for him – his once in a lifetime love. He was beautiful and perfect and he loved Kyle so completely and then he was gone.  But you only get that kind of love once.

At least that’s what Kyle thought.

He was wrong.

Yes, his was a story about great love gained and lost.

But, much to his surprise, his turned out to also be a story of letting go, of breaking down walls, of learning to love and BE loved again.

Because of Mark.

A story of how the patience, guidance, support and love of one man could bring Kyle back from the brink of letting go and into the arms of happiness once again.

So, yes, this is a story about death.

But it’s also a story about learning to live and love again.

Sometimes happily ever after comes twice in a lifetime….

This book is approximately 75,000 words long and approximately 345 pages.

This is an adult M/M HEA romance with male/male sex.




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Reviews:Nameher Pro Reader on wrote:

Epic! This is a beautiful story of love and the possibility of love after loss. At times this seems a tear jerker in the style of author Nicholas Sparks but then the sun comes out and the rainbow is brillant! The main characters are Kyle, renown gay photographer (reminiscent of famous photographer Michael Stokes) and Mark, the younger police detective who came to love him. Mark is not exactly 'out' although his captain is aware of his orientation as well as his reputation as a strong and caring, highly regarded law enforcement professional.
Kyle lost his husband Jason, the love of his life, to cancer two years earlier and he believes that his ability to love and be loved is a thing of the past. His intimate encounters provide physical release with absolutely no emotional response. He doesn't anticipate, plan or even believe that he can possibly ever love again.
When he is assaulted and his home ransackedin an act of homophobic violence, his call for help is initially answered by two bigoted policemen who add to the insult and trauma. They are soon followed by Detective Mark Reynolds who assesses the situation quickly and changes the focus to a caring response to the victim while setting his fellow officers straight. Kyle was overcome by not only his physical injuries but also the damage to his home that held so many memories of his former spouse. Kyle's home and business were all that he had left of his former life.
An amazing thing happened when Mark looked in Kyle's eyes, and saw the "bluest, saddest eyes in the most beautiful face that he had ever seen". Mark saw his pain and understood immediately how important his home and the associated memories were to Kyle. Mark was unable to leave the scene and felt a deeper level of responsibility and caring for this beautiful, sad man.
The author uses flashback judiciously to set the tone and shows the development of Kyle's relationship with his former husband, while almost comparing and contrasting that to the new relationship between Kyle and Mark. Character development of major as well as secondary characters is exquisite. This is much more than an erotic love story and a hugely emotional yet fun read.

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