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Love and Loki

by Sarah Beth James

“A master of words, yet I could take you apart with my silver tongue if I truly tried,” Loki commented.

“I bet you say that to all the boys.” The prince retorted rolling his eyes.

Loki is tired of his existence, looking for a way to hold on after Odin took everything from him or at the very least, a permanent escape from his pain.

Stuart is a Prince, looking for a marriage to unite his kingdom and crown him King. Sent on a mission to destroy the evil mage in the mountains to earn the hand of the fair princess.

Nothing is as it seems when Stuart discovers that Loki is neither evil nor does the kingdom want him to successfully marry the princess. As they are thrown together trying to break a curse, can they find love in each other's arms?

Extended Adult reissue.

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About the Author

A bisexual/biromantic woman, who has struggled with depression my whole life. Trying to bring to light homophobia, abuse, mental health issues. Reduce stigma and let people know they are not alone.

I write a mixture of fantasy and LGBTQ* fictions.

Publishes through CHBB