Locked and Loaded (Death and Destruction Book 4)

by Patricia Logan

ATF agents Thayne Wolfe and Jarrett Evans are back and this time, they’ll be facing a familiar foe. International arms dealer, Mills Lang, has acquired a stolen cache of tabun, a powerful nerve agent, to sell to the highest bidder. The last thing either Thayne or Jarrett wants to do is get involved with the psychopath again but duty calls. Jarrett is sent in undercover as an Iranian who’s looking to trade cold hard cash to stop the deadly weapon’s sale only to learn he has to bid against the world’s nastiest scumbags.

Thayne has spent countless nights lost in the nightmare of what happened when he’d been undercover in Lang’s organization. The time has come to face old demons and save thousands of lives, putting Lang down like the rabid animal he is. Unfortunately, the assignment requires Thayne to sit helplessly on the sidelines, forced to watch the man he loves put himself in the monster’s path.

Jarrett has revenge on his mind. Holding Thayne when he’s woken screaming from nightmares, he wants the mad man responsible, behind bars or better yet, dead. Unfortunately, the assignment involves getting close to a former lover. Gorgeous Mossad agent, Adael Dayan, is Jarrett’s only way into Lang’s circle with Thayne forced to watch from the sidelines. Thayne and Jarrett have faced the Devil before, but always together. Will this case drive a wedge between them or will their love endure?

“Locked and Loaded” Contains an exciting excerpt from “Point and Shoot” (Death and Destruction Book 5)

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“My taspi,” Jarrett said, drawing the strand of beads out of his pocket. He held it out and Thayne took it from him. It resembled a rosary of brown glass beads strung on a white silk thread but rather than a crucifix at the end, a fringed knot had been expertly tied. The beads slid freely and as he moved one, Jarrett explained. “A single prayer is said with each bead before moving it and beginning a new prayer.”

Thayne glanced up at him. “Like a rosary for Muslims?” He was really very curious.

Jarrett nodded as Thayne handed it back to him. “Yes, it was given to me by a Muslim cleric I met in Jordan.”


Thayne nearly felt his jaw drop. His lover never ceased to amaze him. Jarrett had lived such a rich life in his few short years even though they were the same age. Thayne hadn’t seen anything of the world the way Jarrett had. He’d been to Europe once on a ten-day tour, and he’d been to Mexico a few times but that was because he lived in southern California and everyone who lived there had crossed the border to buy cheap booze at least once. It was a high school ritual for most kids he grew up with. He reached out and touched the sleeve of the tweed coat. It was rough wool and to his surprise, incredibly soft. The smell of it was very different also. Thayne leaned close, taking a whiff and when he did, he scrunched his nose. The scent of old stale sweat was disgusting. Jarrett laughed at the expression that must have been on his face.

“Gross, huh?”

“Yeah, you smell like that thing has never been cleaned.”

“Good. That’s how it’s supposed to smell. Bathing is considered incidental in that part of the world and people don’t wear deodorant like we do… I mean some do, but the majority don’t so this suit is very authentic.”

“It’s disgusting,” Thayne said, wrinkling his nose again. “I’m glad you’re being authentic. Maybe it will keep Adael from touching you.”

Jarrett eyeballed him hard, smiling slightly as he stepped closer. The unfamiliar brown eyes were disconcerting but under the colored contacts, the sexy glint of Jarrett’s beautiful eyes was evident.

“I don’t want Adael touching me, Thayne. I only want your hands on me.” He reached out and took hold of Thayne’s hand, bringing it to his groin where he pressed his palm over the buttons of his fly. He was large and hard under the wool slacks and Thayne felt his heart race even harder. “Just remember that this is yours, love, only yours.”

Love? Jarrett never used any other endearments for him than darlin’, so hearing him call him love was kind of a shock. That fucking word in that single moment made Thayne feel worlds better. He squeezed Jarrett’s package and smiled as he let his hand drop away.

“I love you, Jarrett.” Thayne had to look away when he saw the intensity in Jarrett’s expression. “I’m just…”

Jarrett reached for his chin and turned it so that Thayne was forced to meet his gaze. It burned with love for him. “You have nothing to worry about. Like I told you last night, Thayne. I am yours. Remember that.”

His voice was a low growl and it sent a shiver down Thayne’s spine. He slowly nodded. “Yes. I will, Jarrett.” He stepped back and glanced up and down. “And as soon as this case is over, you’re burning that.” He gestured to Jarrett’s sport coat and Jarrett chuckled, grinning at him.


Thayne popped the trunk and Jarrett put the duffel inside before they climbed into the Mustang and headed toward their office in Glendale.


Reviews:Leda on Amazon wrote:

I am so in love with this series! You get everything you could possibly want from a book. There's action, suspense, humor, plenty of sexy times and fantastic characters. Patricia's writing is very detailed. And I appreciate the research she's obviously put into these stories. It's well thought out and completely spell binding. I honestly can't recommend this series enough!

In Locked and Loaded, our guys once again are dealing with psycho Mills Lang. Ugh, I hate this guy with such passion. Patricia really knows how to write a bad guy! So not only do they have to try stop him from selling a deadly nerve agent but for the first time they are not partnered up for an assignment. Jarrett goes undercover with Mossad agent (and former lover), Adael Dayan.

While I love the fantastic plots and being along side Jarrett and Thayne as they work these cases, I simply adore their private, intimate moments. These guys are smokin' hot together! Their chemistry is off the flippin' charts and Patricia can write some damn sexy sex scenes. But when these two are just laying around, cuddling and telling each other stories of their past or their youth and families, just opening up to each other more my heart explodes...it's just perfect!
There is great character growth in these books, I've mentioned that in every review so far. I love getting to know these guys and watching them grow individually and as a couple. They are my favorite book couple and I hope we get many stories of them in the future!

And Patricia, that Epilogue was everything! I didn't think I could love Jarrett anymore than I already did but damn! I'm hoping when you decide this series must come to an end, the guys future will include marriage and a baby carriage 😉

5+ stars can't wait for Book 5 - Point and Shoot

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