Locke and Blade

by Lynn Lorenz

Locke and Blade - Lynn Lorenz - Waterford Patrol

Inspector Christopher Locke is hanging on to his commission and his honor by a thin string and his reputation is in tatters. He’s reassigned to the Waterford Station to fill their gap—they need an inspector and he needs a position.Inspector Jonathan Blade is the second in command at Waterford. He’s in control of the station and himself, but when the Chief Inspector orders him to partner with Locke, Blade isn’t happy. He’s heard the rumors about Locke, but despite everything, he’s drawn to the large, rugged man with the scar.One man fears his past, the other, his future.

For today, they are partners. Tomorrow, they could destroy each other…

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About the Author

Lynn Lorenz is an award-winning and best-selling author who grew up in New Orleans but currently lives in Texas, where she’s a fan of all things Texan, like Longhorns, big hair, and cowboys in tight jeans. She’s never met a comma she didn’t like, and enjoys editing and brainstorming with other writers. Lynn spends most of her time writing about hot sex with even hotter heroes, plot twists, werewolves, and medieval swashbucklers. She’s currently at work on her latest book, making herself giggle and blush, and avoiding all the housework.

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