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Living in Sin – N’awlins Exotica Book Four

Living in Sin

by BLMorticia , Michael Mandrake

On the cusp of finding his true self, accepting his partner on the force as the love of his life, Vance Morain is ready to live large and proud.

The Big Easy has always been home to the born and raised Texan, however, his desire for Orrin sends him back to the family ranch in Dallas to confess to his parents.

Considering how small minded his dad is, a confession of undying love for another man won’t be a walk in the park. Throw in his father’s discovery of terminal disease and it brings Vance’s plans to a screeching halt.

Can their newfound love handle the distance, or will it break?

This is the follow-up to No Denying Sin N’awlins Exotica Book 3. The series must be read in order.

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Clearly the killer wasn’t willing to allow Vance Morain and his partner, Orrin Daugherty the chance to enjoy their after dinner romp with friends Kajika Fortier and Frankie Choteau. In a mad scramble, the three cops exchanged kisses with Kajika and ran to the club where another dancer had been murdered. To quell any sort of undue attention, the three of them drove in two separate cars to the crime scene.

Much to Vance’s chagrin, the fifth murder of a New Orleans dancer didn’t afford him much time to think over what had transpired over the past few days with Orrin either. Surprisingly, his thoughts of how to tell his bible thumping Republican parents reigned second, compared to the lusty feelings he’d started to feel for his partner.

Am I falling for him too fast?


Really, Vance couldn’t figure out if he was coming or going. He needed some time off and fast. Despite this, he didn’t want to give Orrin too much space to change his mind. Something told him that his desired man would run faster than a herd of cattle running from a barn fire.

Vance drove Orrin to the club, arriving within twenty minutes. He parked the car in the alley and immediately jumped out, pulling his badge from his back pocket and putting it around his neck.

Orrin did the same, nodding at the uniform cops as they walked under the tape, avoiding the small crowd of onlookers and news cameras. Seemingly half the neighborhood was gathered in this little spot to find out what had happened and why these crimes were continuing to happen in their city.

“Hey, ya’ll. What’cha finding so far?” Vance nodded at the rest of them and Frankie as if they hadn’t seen each other earlier.

“Hey, Vance and Orrin. We got another one here, I’m afraid.” Waylon, the crime scene investigator spoke first.

“Uniform cops responded to a call around one that a young woman had been found unresponsive and near death in the back of the door.” Frankie briefed them of the situation and took a picture.

“Who made it,” Orrin asked.

“Don’t know. Dispatch has no idea. One of the dancers says Jesselyn got a call right before she left out. The new guy, Brayden, actually offered to walk her to the door, but she refused.”

“Damn,” Vance muttered under his breath.

“I wonder did the killer make that call,” Orrin added.

Vance eyed the body, noticing the same kind of red rope around the dancer’s neck and similar bruises found on the other victims.

“Shit. What a nasty fuck.” Kenina shook her head and placed the sheet back over the corpse. “This monster, male, female, or whatever, has no shame, none at all. Kill her right here, in the back of the club?”

“Yep, but it appears they’ve gotten more clumsy,” Waylon interrupted, still leaning over the body with a flashlight in hand. “Unlike the other bodies, there looks to be some things left behind. Perhaps some fibers or hairs to give us the lead we’re looking for.”

“Any of them happen to be red,” Orrin chimed in.

“Huh? Why do you ask?” Waylon looked back at Orrin.

“The last time I came here, I noticed this young lady with a redheaded man. They looked to be pretty chummy with one another. I talked to her about him, too, and she mentioned him to be very thoughtful, but only referred to him as E.”

Waylon shrugged, “Well, I won’t know until I take her in for closer observation. Just from the appearance of her clothing, I’d say our killer looked to be sloppy and careless this time around.”

“Finally, a break in this case,” Kenina sighed aloud and rubbed the back of her neck. “We need for something to happen so we and the damn city can get some rest.”

“You got that right,” Frankie added. “Come on. We got a lot work ahead of us. If Orrins’ on point we need to find that guy she saw at the club and fast.”

“Before he skips town,” Orrin answered. “Let me go talk with the lady at the window to see if she knows anything. I mean, she had to have seen something if he was about to get to Jesselyn.”

“Yeah, but the only problem is, the body was outside. He probably didn’t go in tonight.” Frankie pulled out his notebook.

“We don’t know that. He could’ve went in under an alias or had a mask,” Orrin retorted.

“F’true, Daugherty. Go on and check with Vera. I’m gonna question the dancers to see if they know anything. You coming, Kenie?”

“Yeah, sure. Waylon, you taking the body back to the morgue now?”

“Yeah, just waiting on Moto. Too bad it’s dark around here, right now. These flashlights aren’t doing a damn thing.”

“All right, cool. Well, Vance and I are going to check with Vera and look at her logs just in case. If anything, I can find out if they have any info on that guy from the other night.”

“All right then, ya’ll go do your thing. We’ll meet back at the station,” Frankie called back over his shoulder.

“Cool. See you in a bit.” Orrin touched Vance’s arm and the minute he did, he felt a shock of electricity travel to his arm on down to his groin. Like Orrin said, he needed to get a handle on himself and quick. They wouldn’t be able to do shit if they were horny for each other all the damn time.

“You coming, cowboy?”

Vance nodded and shoved his hands in his pocket, looking for his toothpick holder. “Yeah, man, lead the way.”

Orrin gave him the eye. “You know you gotta stop that, right? You’re only feeding into my theory about us working together and dating becoming an issue.”

“Stop what?” Vance plunged the toothpick in between his teeth.

“Dammit Vance, don’t play dumb with me, okay? Sh… look, we need to keep our heads in the game and solve this case. There’s no time for dicking around right now while we’re on duty.”

“Orrin, you need to calm down, boy. I gotta admit, your touch does get the juices flowing to my cock real quick, but I ain’t fully losing it.”


Reviews:Laurie on Goodreads wrote:

Vance and Orrin are my favorite couple in this series. I think there should be more to Orrin's back story.

Jammie L on Goodreads wrote:

Living In Sin, this fourth book in the N’awlins Exotica series, really took my breath away. Both provocative and poignant, this book kept me riveted from page one to the last word written. I swear, this series just gets better and better. The characters are so sincere and real and so damned relatable that you just can't help but become invested in their lives. This book centers around Vance and Orrin, two hardened detectives finding love with each other for the first time. Their love is hard won, but well worth it. Love, romance, loyalty, brotherhood, and family are all major themes in this story, and they're dealt with in such a way that it makes it a true joy to read. I would highly recommend this book, and can't wait to see what comes next in this series.

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