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Lighthouse Keeper’s Holiday

by Erin O'Quinn

Lighthouse Keeper's Holiday - Erin O'Quin
Part of the Lighthouse Keeper series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 9780463381571
ePub: $ 3.99
ISBN: 9780463381571

If he's by himself, no one else will get hurt. But there's a fuckload of hurt in being alone.
In the sequel to Wanted: LIghthouse Keeper, Dirk Black, an undercover cop, blows into town for a holiday. Um, except there is no town—only sea and rocks on the far north spit of land in the the Shetlands—and the massive storm that greets him guarantees an indoors holiday.

Being under the covers with his unique lover, Stephan Tavish, is just what Dirk’s been needing. But he soon finds that the storm has also brought a maelstrom of trouble for him and the entire Tavish family—Stephan, his father Peter, and his son Jamie have been swept into a tempest of crime and passion that threatens to leave only heartbreak in its path.

When Jamie disappears, Dirk is forced into seeing from a different perspective. From the secrets hidden in a boy’s school, to crimes committed in a stone-cold basement, even to a final horrendous crash—he learns that getting out alive is only part of the challenge.

Aye, pagan Dirk is forced to call on the “damned father, son and holy ghost” to set the world upright again on Fate’s storm-ravaged playing field.


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Publisher: New Dawn Press
Cover Artists:

Tropes: Badass Hero, Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Coming Out Later in Life, First Time, Healing Power of Sex, Hurt / Comfort, Lone Wolf, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Reunited and it Feels So Good, Second Chances

Setting: Shetland Mainland, Scotland

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


From Chapter 3: Nerve Network

“I need to fuck you.”

“And I need to be fucked.” He raised himself into a sitting position and began to unbutton the denims. “I have a year’s worth of honey to give you.”

Not answering, Dirk lowered his partner’s trousers over his golden-haired thighs and down his calves. The cock, like a hooded cobra, began to rise and shift. “Tell me, tell me what you want, and what you need.”

“I want your dick. I need your everything.”

“Let me suck you first.”

Stephan put a hand on his forearm. “No. I’ll come in a nano-second.”

“Too much honey spoils the hive, sweetheart.”

“No bee ever said such bullshit. Turn me over, lick my crack. Then tongue-fuck me until I beg for your cock.”


“Holy shit, I love your dirty mouth.” Still fully clothed, he pushed his lover gently back onto the bed then lowered his body over Stephan’s, using his arms and hands to keep from crushing him. Then he began the frontal attack, piercing his wide mouth with his thrusting tongue. “Tell me, tell me…what you need…”

“I need you, all of you. Cock and tongue, wings and wit, balls and brain. Turn me over, goddamn you, and show me how you missed me.”

“Since you put it that way…” Dirk unzipped the denims  and let his heavy cock escape. He turned Stephan on his belly and spread his legs, then sent his tongue from the balls to the tailbone, slow as honey. Under him, Stephan began to rise and fall, using his strong forearms, matching his own rhythm.

“Suck, suck, suck me, fuck me with your long fat tongue…”

Far too soon…when he was close to coming…Dirk whispered a desperate curse and spread gel on the head of his prick, then sent it into the slick warm amber of Stephan’s asshole.

Still poised on his forearms, he leaned down and put his tongue in Stephan’s ear, sucking and licking and moaning his own deep need. “Satin-Stephan my sweet sweet fucking angel, so hot so sexy and hot…”

The climax was so intense he lost his breath and ended up collapsing on his lover’s back, crying with relief and shame for crushing his precious spine. He rolled off, but not before .leaving a trail of spit and cum on the shimmering bed clothes.

“So sorry, sorry, love…”

Stephan embraced him. “That was the best yet, Dirk, darling man. Don’t apologize. Ever. You are my salvation and all my joy,.” he murmured and stroked his sweat-matted hair until Dirk opened his eyes and tried to smile.

“You’re.all right?”

“All over. All fucking over, Dirk, from nose to toes.”

“I collapsed on top of you …”

“You’re not a half-ton of rubble, Dirk. You’re my lover. You can collapse on me every bloody time you fuck me, and even when you don’t.” So saying, he inserted a slow tongue and spoke into his  mouth.

“The last time we were in bed together, you made a promise but never followed through.”

“I cannae believe such bullshit,” he said, trying to catch the moving tongue.

Leaning up on one elbow, Stephan grinned. “You promised me a Jacuzzi. Then, sluggard that you are, you fell asleep. And the next morning, you slunk out of town like an outlaw. I want it now.”

“Your bedclothes need a bath a lot more…”

“Fuck that. When they dry, I’ll still be able to smell your hot cum on my pillow. Pure nirvana. So start the water, then come back for me.”


Like the central characters themselves, this short novel and its companion form a whole, each one incomplete without the other.

About the Author

Erin O'Quinn was born almost literally on the side of a mountain in Nevada and was hauled kicking and screaming into the nearest town, fifty miles away, to attend first grade. To this day, she claims to be kindergarten-deprived.

O'Quinn earned a few degrees from the University of So. California, but her real education began on the back docks of the Las Vegas (NV) Review-Journal newspaper; on the good-old-boy car lots in Abilene, TX where she sold new Chryslers and used cars; and in a big-box store in Austin, TX where she alternately hauled pallets and ran a garden center.

You'll find a lot of action-adventure, and a character-centered, plot-centered group of seven series and a few stand-alones

Of 46 published works for adults, 33 (I think) are in the gay lit (M/M) genre. From the Noble Dimensions series (small town/contemporary) to Old World Ireland, Jacobite-era  and modern Scotland; and back to the retro world of Ireland in the Roaring 20s, she says, "My men, and my settings, are no-frills, no hearts and flowers. But I think a certain nobility and even spiritual element often creep in among the honest sexual feelings."

Any reviews you see are unsolicited, and are always welcome.

Settle back, enjoy what Erin O'Quinn calls "literotica with a flare for the unusual...thoughtful and with passions too big for their britches."