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Life of an EX College Bandsman 11: The Finale

by Jaxon Grant

In the final book of this epic, memorable, mind-blowing series, Zach makes a choice regarding his long-term future. Will he pick Dray, Dwight or neither? Zach also comes face-to-face with his father and that interaction could have long-lasting impacts on the brewing relationship with his brother. In a series of heart-to-heart conversations with his mother, he learns the truth of his childhood foundations which shaped him into the man he is today.

Dwight is on the search for liberation as he comes clean to the people he loves the most. He is determined to see his divorce through to the end and doesn’t care what all it might cost him. Kris and Rozi come to a resolution about the issues that plague their marriage. While Rozi is forced to deal with her shattered past, she learns more unwanted news about her family. Will Rozi and Kris make it through the fire or has too much damage been done?

While Raidon is trying to put his life back together after Micah’s devastating situation, Tony makes an announcement that will forever change their relationship. TJ finds himself in a serious bind as Eli plots to remove Trae from their lives. As Dray continues his sessions with the therapist that brings him closer to healing, Phoenix deals with a situation from his past that can cause imminent danger to his livelihood.

Join Zach and the crew for one final ride as these characters are forced into decisions that will forever shape their destiny as all of their lives finally come full circle.

Publisher: Independently Published
author - american, format - book, format - collection, format - novel, format - novel >100K, format - paperback, format - self published, format - series, format - shared universe, potential trigger - death, potential trigger - divorce, potential trigger - drug abuse, potential trigger - murder, potential trigger - traumatic past, potential trigger - violence, what - concept - acceptance, what - concept - danger, what - concept - denial, what - concept - family conflict, what - concept - homophobia, what - condition - hiv / aids, what - emotion - anxiety, what - emotion - grief, what - emotion - guilt, what - emotion - hope, what - emotion - jealousy, what - emotion - love, what - emotion - pride, what - holiday - christmas, what - holiday - thanksgiving, what - topic - friendship, what - topic - marriage equality, what - topic - politics, what - topic - pro sports, what - topic - road trip, what - topic - sports, what - topic - vacation, when - general - college, when - season - fall, when - season - winter, where - country - usa, where - general - college, who - description - alpha male, who - description - black, who - description - college grad (recent), who - description - coworkers, who - description - ensemble cast, who - description - established couple, who - description - friends, who - description - roommates, who - description - white collar, who - occupation - attorney, who - occupation - celebrity, who - occupation - college student, who - occupation - doctor, who - occupation - journalist, who - occupation - musician, who - occupation - parent, who - occupation - politician, who - occupation - private investigator, who - occupation - professor, who - occupation - prostitute, who - occupation - rent boy/escort, who - occupation - teacher

Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Questioning, Straight

Protagonist 3 Age: Under 18

Tropes: Adopted Child, Bad Breakup, Cheating, (Hits) Close to Home, Coming of Age, Coming Home, Coming Out / Closeted, Coming Out Later in Life, Death of Parent, Families/Raising Kids, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Forbidden Love, Friends to Lovers, Gay for You / Straight to Gay, Hurt / Comfort, Love Triangle, Married Life, Mind Games, Queer Wedding

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

About the Author

Known mostly as BnTasty by his online reader-base, Jaxon Grant started his writing conquest in June 2008, on Da Site, which was a popular stories website for gay and bisexual men. With his initial publications, Jaxon captivated his audience and created a healthy following that urged him to move outside of the confines of those who flocked to Da Site to read his material. Now, after many years of growing and understanding his skills as a writer, he’s brought his work to a national audience.

Jaxon has written with compelling thoughts that tackle the issues we face as Americans, not just in the LGBT community. In his unique style, he uses the elements of drama, mystery, suspense, romance, and tragedy to further the depth and scope of his work.

Jaxon was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from the Florida A&M University (FAMU) and majored in Social Science Education. While at FAMU, Jaxon was a member of the marching band, the world-renown FAMU Marching 100.

Please be sure to visit his website,, and sign up for his newsletter to receive important updates from Jaxon. You can follow Jaxon on Facebook and on Instagram (@jaxon_grant). Finally, you can text Jaxon at 321-306-6500 to receive new release alerts directly to your phone.