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Lies In The Dark

Andrea and Alicia

by agnes h hagadus

Lies in the Dark - Agnes H. Hagadus

It’s been twenty years since Andrea’s life was changed forever. In a dark alley, on her eleventh birthday, events would take place that would alter her perceptions. Most people go through life seeing only what they want to see. Most don’t pay attention or are easily persuaded things are not as they really are. Andrea knows. Ever since that long ago day, she knows everything in the world you were told couldn’t possibly exist does, including her best friend Gina, a vampire.

Alicia has been taught to think of the world in black and white. To her, there have never been grey areas. She knows what lurks in the shadows of the night. She works for The Company, an organization dedicated to ridding the earth of those dark forces. Never one to follow the rules, things change when she’s assigned to seduce Andrea, a private investigator. As the two women bond, Alicia realizes quickly that she has been told so many lies in the dark that she doesn’t know what or who to believe anymore.

About the Author

writer of lesbian romance/suspense/thrillers.

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