Gay Elves of Ravensbrook

by Danielle Summers

Gay Elves of Ravensbrook - Danielle Summers
Part of the Gay Elves of Ravensbrook series:
  • Leander
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Pages: 49

Can a human survive being introduced to his elf boyfriend’s parents?

Leander Brooks hopes so. He loves the human world, but misses his elven family. And his human boyfriend Michael Jensen has been nagging him for months to introduce him to his parents. Leander thinks he has prepared Michael for the cold reception he might receive. Soon, he learns he hasn’t prepared him enough for a situation that quickly goes from hostile to potentially deadly.

Michael was thrilled when he learned that he was going to meet Leander’s family at last. His disbelief when Leander comes out as an elf is understandable, but he’s willing to keep an open mind for the man he loves, despite his occasional uneasiness at the raucous elven New Year’s Eve celebration. What he’s unwilling to do is give Leander up.

Together Leander and Michael face a New Year’s Eve celebration and a family reunion that tests their love and risks Michael’s life.

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New Year’s Day

Waking up in the morning had never been Michael Jensen’s strong suit. It always took him a while to get going. Black coffee with a can of Mountain Dew as a chaser usually jolted him into full wakefulness, and he almost never smiled before he was fully awake. This morning was different. He was hung over, yes, but his head didn’t hurt or feel like it was stuffed with packing peanuts. He felt pleasantly numb. He even smiled experimentally as he sat up in bed alone.

This isn’t right, he thought. He wasn’t supposed to be alone.


He looked around wildly. He was in his bedroom. Almost everything looked in place, but something was missing. Leander was supposed to spend the night, but there was no sign of him and no indication that he had slept over. Last night was New Year’s Eve. Where is he? Michael closed his eyes. He figured he must really be hung over, because he was having a very hard time retrieving even fragments of memories from the night before. He and Leander must have gone to a party. He had a vague recollection of a long drive. Of the party itself, Michael couldn’t recall a thing. And where was Leander? Before flicking the blanket and bed sheet away, he caught a glimpse of his right hand. He brought it up close to his face to get a good look at it.

Yes. That was glitter nail polish on his middle finger. It was a deep evergreen with blue, green and gold glitter sparkles. Not his usual style. He rubbed at it. How am I gonna get this crap off?

He slid out of bed, naked. His brown hair flopped into his eyes. Shuffling to the bathroom, he took a few more quick looks at his right middle finger. The nail polish was still there with its glitter sparkling, mocking him. He relieved himself and washed his hands. The nail polish, of course, did not come off. He vaguely remembered seeing bottles of nail polish remover at the corner store. He would get some later, if it was open. It was New Year’s Day. He wasn’t sure.

After he pushed his hair out of his eyes and pulled on a pair of sweatpants, he shuffled into the kitchen and stepped on something leathery. He lifted his foot and looked down. It was his wallet. He didn’t usually leave it on the kitchen floor. He always left it on the little table near the front door, so he could grab it on the way out. His money and various cards were still there. Nothing appeared to be missing. He set it on the kitchen table and wondered again where Leander could be. Michael went back to his bedroom and retrieved his cell phone from the nightstand. Interesting. There was a necklace there, a silver disk on a pink string. They must have had quite a night. He hadn’t worn nail polish since an unfortunate punk phase in high school, and he owned almost no jewelry.

He dialed Leander’s number. Voicemail. He didn’t hang up immediately because he adored Leander’s deep, silky voice. When he heard the beep that was the signal for him to leave a message, he hung up and sent Leander a text. A knock on the door startled him.

He opened the door to one of his neighbors, a prickly woman who tended to be nosy.

“Yes?” He could never remember her name.

“Are you going to eat that or throw it away? Or should I throw it away for you?” she asked.

“I’m sorry. Throw what away?” He really needed some coffee. He didn’t even know what time it was, although the weak winter sunlight peeking through his window did suggest that it was midday.

“That!” She pointed at the floor.

Michael’s gaze followed her index finger, and he saw a pizza box. Pizza? Did I order pizza?He stooped down and picked it up. It was still warm. The receipt had his name and address, but also another name—Godfrey. He didn’t know any Godfrey. Leander had never mentioned anyone by that name.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said and shut the door. The pizza had sausage, onions and mushrooms on it, his favorite. He tossed it onto the kitchen table next to his wallet. After pouring himself a cup of coffee and opening a can of Mountain Dew, he sat down, still puzzled.

Reviews:Bran Zesti on Goodreads wrote:

This was a very good book to read, after reading it. I want more!!!!

About the Author

Danielle Summers is a dyke in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. She loves well-drawn characters but hates stereotypes. She lives for a good plot. She wishes her characters were real.

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