Knotted Legacy

by Brenda Murphy

Knotted Legacy - Brenda Murphy
Part of the Rowan House series:
Editions:Kindle - first: $ 5.99 USD
Pages: 232
Paperback - first: $ 15.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1949340716
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 262
ePub - First: $ 5.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1949340716
Pages: 232

Martha McLeod, Head Mistress of Rowan House, Skye’s most exclusive pleasure house, is heartbroken.

Frustrated and lonely after a bitter split with her lover, she departs Rowan House for Lake Como, Italy to seek solace at the feet of Madam Givernay, keeper of Martha’s deepest secret. Lake Como and Madam’s attention is the perfect balm for Martha’s broken heart until she meets Mistress Lucia Coruso.

Captivated by Lucia’s regal elegance and cool demeanor, Martha is torn between her desire for Lucia and the fear her secret will be revealed. When an extortionist threatens to destroy Rowan House, Martha and Lucia must join forces to save it.



About the Author

Brenda Murphy writes short fiction and novels. She loves tattoos and sideshows and yes, those are her monkeys.  When she is not loitering at her local tea shop and writing, she wrangles two kids, one dog, and an unrepentant parrot.  She reviews books, blogs about life as a writer with ADHD and publishes photographs on her blog Writing While Distracted .  Sign up for her email list here for book free stories, publishing news, discount codes, and the occasional recipe.

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