Knight Errant

by T.A. Creech

Knight Errant - T.A. Creech
Part of the Legends of Osaire series:
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Tae’liamath and Einith are hired on to help an Archmage find his lost knight. Neither expected how much it would change their lives. Neither expected to find their happiness together, as they helped another recover his own.

When an Archmage needs a guard to see him through the enchanted Alahanai Forest, dwarf Einith Redstone jumps on the opportunity. The amount of coin offered for the contract is enormous, and he wants to help a fellow dwarf find his Heartstone. And then Einith is stunned when the enticing elf Tae’liamath joins them as their guide.

Their journey through Alahanai is more dangerous than expected, physically and personally. Between the search for a missing knight out of legend and a bond unexpectedly formed, Einith and Tae find themselves growing close, and their emotions are sent reeling. With a Heartstone at stake, magickal encounters, and falling for each other, Einith and Tae have much to overcome before their journey ends.

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Out of the trees, half a dozen misshapen creatures tumbled their way onto the path Tae had his small party follow. He slid a blade from his bracer and backed up towards the cart and the Archmage that struggled to placate the animals. Einith came with him, mattock firmly in his large hands.

An odd, syncopated trill passed between the things. Twisted, malformed, stunted beings they were, flesh shrunken and wrecked, eyes glazed to a dull white. Tae shared a wary looked with Einith for a moment. That trill rose in pitch. One leapt at Einith, and crumpled under the powerful blow of his massive hammer.

"Protect Lasra!" Einith barked as the swarm sprang into action after their first fell.

Tae backed up more, blades in his hands. Another fell with its head smashed apart. Then Einith was surrounded and cut off. He itched to help, but there was no opening. And he couldn't leave the Archmage to fend for himself.


One creature broke free and rushed toward him. The ponies screamed in terror behind him, Lasra's shout mixed in the noise. Up close, the rotten stench of the creature threatened to gag Tae as easily as the look of the thing.

It swung a fist at Tae's head, a crude stone knife in its hand. He jumped back and hit the wagon hard. Too close. He sprung off the side with as much force as he could and tackle the creature to the grass. Skin slid unnaturally loose along the muscle and bone of the thing when he caught its wrist midstrike. The other fist crashed hard into the side of his head, and his ears rang with agony.

The creature rolled them over before Tae could shake off the pain and straddled his chest, arms trapped at his sides. It opened the black maw in its face and shrieked. Foulness spilled out of its mouth. Tae bucked and writhed, but the creature was too heavy to allow movement.

He jabbed awkwardly at the thing's back. The knife shallowly gashed its side and a second hit scored deeper. It landed a heavy hit to his chest, but Tae stabbed once more and the creature lost its seat, sliding over to the ground. Tae pounced on the creature's back and buried his blade on last time into the thing's back.

It went through the spine disturbingly easy. Red-black gore seeped around the silver of his knife. Tae hoped it had pierced the creature's heart, because he wasn't sure he had the strength to finish it off.

Einith's snarl of rage rang through the air and Tae scrambled to his feet. At some point, Lasra had hopped off the wagon and stopped next to Tae. The old man surveyed the scene, a glow beginning to build around Lasra as Tae watched. Two of the creatures still stood, facing off against the dwarf. The Archmage nodded at Tae once and strode over to Einith.

"That's enough out of you," Lasra announced.

A thunderous sound rolled in the distance and Tae expected it to fade away. It rose in volume until it roared just beyond Tae's sight. The creatures turned away from his companions and shrieked toward whatever came at them, called by Lasra's power.

Reviews:MelanieM on Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words wrote:

Knight Errant (Legends of Osaire Book 2) by T.A. Creech reads like a much longer story. In that I mean, the author, T.A. Creech has managed to make 107 pages feel like double that in a marvelous way. Creech (a new author for me) managed some lovely universe building, great characters that made me committed to the tale and their relationships (I laughed, cringed, and white-knuckled in all the right places). Not only that but did it in a way that I felt I didn’t lose much by coming in at the second story.

Yes, once again I dropped into a series at book two. Honestly I had no idea because when you are looking at the title there was no indication there was a previous story or even a series. However, I enjoyed this so much that I intend to go back and pick that one up asap. Unfortunately I already know how it ends (those characters appear here), and my favorite ones from this story, the dwarf and the elf will probably be nowhere at all. Sigh. How I came to love them both!

Yes, I think this will turn out to be one of those series that needs to be read in sequence as when the characters from the first story popped up here I really had no idea who they were or their importance in this universe (huge). What I enjoyed was the author’s myth building, ability to create an atmosphere (in one case dark, full of black magic) and make me feel it creep from the page as well as play with the characters emotions.

The romance between dwarf Einith and elf Tae is slow, and a wonderful thing to behold. I loved Einith and his recognition that his Heartstone might be at hand was a joy to read. I really could have used a second book with these two and I hope this is not the last of them that we see in this series. There’s another couple here too that you will need just as much of. The four of them are just plain addictive narratively speaking. More, T.A. Creech, I definitely need more!

So back to book one I go. If you are as unfamiliar with this series as I was, you will want to go there to. There head here for a wonderful fantasy adventure.

Cover art is dramatic and perfect for the story.

About the Author

I am a house-parent to a rambunctious small child and happily mated to an equally rambunctious military spouse. My adventures in writing began with fanfiction, and once I was hooked I never looked back.

While I've always tried to make my fanfiction unique, what I enjoy most about creating original work is the ability to delve into my stranger ideas without worrying about how I might apply them to someone else's world and characters. With my own creations, I take pride in twisting familiar tropes into something new and unexpected.

When I write, it is with the intention that my stories will leave a lasting impression. I hope you enjoy the characters and the worlds I create, and that they help you to find a place to exist, for a while, outside of your own. 

--T.A. Creech