Kissing the Golem

by Danielle Summers

Kissing the Golem - Danielle Summers
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Pages: 28

Jacob and Marcus, an interracial interfaith couple, are fighting about everything: coming out, monogamy and marriage. Then one dark night, they encounter the Golem who has protected Jacob’s family for generations. The giant but handsome man made of clay and dirt saves their lives, and his kiss just may save their relationship.

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Jacob felt a kick at the back of his knee, and he went down on all fours. He felt gravel dig into his hands and knees. Then someone hit his head. He heard voices and looked up to see someone punching Marcus. Jacob had no idea what to do. He didn’t know how to fight. He’d never been in a fight before. The one time he had been mugged, he just gave the guys his wallet and everyone walked away. He was poorer, but everyone was uninjured. He did the only things he could do. He tried to protect himself from the blows, and he prayed. Then he remembered Great Uncle Saul’s advice from earlier that day. He didn’t believe in the Golem, but he started yelling his name.


The gentle breeze that had been stirring got stronger every time Jacob said the word, Golem. Dirt and rocks started to swirl around them. The dirt started to draw in water, whatever was nearby. It sucked up a tiny puddle left over from a small rainfall the day before. It emptied a nearby bird bath. There was a crack of thunder, even though the sky was clear. The guys who had been hitting Jacob and Marcus stopped. The dirt got so thick that Jacob couldn’t see anything.

“Marcus!” he yelled.

And slowly the wind calmed down and the dirt settled. He looked up and saw Marcus standing there alone. The men who had been beating them were gone. Jacob didn’t know where. It looked like there was going to be quite the bruise on Marcus’ cheek. And next to Marcus was a man, but not just any man. He towered over Marcus by a couple of feet. His arms and legs were thick and shapeless. His face had tiny specks marking what might have been eyes, a nose and a mouth on anyone else. His most distinctive marking were Hebrew letters spelling out the word “truth” on his forehead. He was the suggestion of a man, and Jacob recognized him from drawings in picture books and the tales told around summer camp bonfires. This suggestion of a man was the Golem.

Reviews:on Smutsonian:

"This story was fun, fast-paced, sexy, and wonderfully original."

on Paranormal Romance Guild:

"This book would be fun for anyone. There is sex, love, and a gay Golem."

About the Author

Danielle Summers is a dyke in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. She loves well-drawn characters but hates stereotypes. She lives for a good plot. She wishes her characters were real.

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