King of Blades

by Ryder Bailey

King of Blades - Ryder Bailey
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD

He is the Formerly Cursed...

War looms on the horizon once again for Coulta and his new family. Necromancers and spies threaten the peaceful stability of Phelin, fresh out of a civil war. New magic flows through the royal family with a will of its own - but whether it's a curse or a blessing is up for debate. The world itself seems to be turning dark.

In the midst of the growing shadow is Coulta. Second King. Formerly Cursed. Once-assassin. The most powerful sorcerer in all the world beside his mentor, Shelton, Wielder of the Violet Power. But will his training and power be enough when faced with the master of all necromancers, the Emperor of Dyrai himself?

Read if you enjoy fantasy with GLBT+ characters, polyamory, and general badasses.

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About the Author

Ryder Bailey has been worldbuilding and writing since the age of 14. Over the years that world has grown in size and diversity and will continue to do so. When not writing, Ryder is usually reading anything available, researching culture from around the world, or working a full-time retail job.

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