Kane the Fake Elf & His Sexy Mall Santa

by Candi Kay

Kane's been one of Santa's little helpers for five years and has always enjoyed his part-time holiday gig playing an elf. Well, until he meets the newest mall Santa Claus anyway. Sam Clausen is thirty to Kane's twenty-two, but that doesn't stop Kane from wanting to be Sam's Ho! Ho! Ho! One glance at the man outside the costume and it's instant lust. Unfortunately, while Sam is great with children, he's a grumpy Santa to Kane. Everything changes when Sam witnesses Kane's elfy-self making a certain little boy giggle.

When Kane discovers that the man he's been lusting after has five-year-old twins, his fantasies fly off with Santa's reindeer. He refuses to be Sam’s secret fling if he’s taken, and he has no desire to become an instant daddy to somebody's children.

Will Kane give in when Sam makes his interest known? Or will he run away without seeing what could happen with Sam and his little family?

Tags: Christmas, Children, Contemporary, Family, Older Man/Younger Man, Romance, Short Story

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Reviews:Len Evans, Jr. on Goodreads wrote:

"Absolute perfection! An adorable elf meets a Hunky Santa with twins and they become a family! Just loved this! Even if it did make me cry a time or two! Lots of Love and Fun!"

Kathleen on Goodreads wrote:

"This is my first read of a Candi Kay book and certainly won't be my last. I loved Kane the Fake Elf & His Sexy Mall Santa. This delicious morsel of a sweet, sexy Christmas love story is just what you need to put you in the holiday mood.
I loved the connection and dynamics between Kane and Sam. They fell hard and fast for each other but have to learn how to blend their lives together. Add in two 5 year olds, family and the holiday spirit and I'm sold. I recommend this fast, sweet holiday read. Loved the epilogue!"

About the Author

A blogger by day, at night Candi Kay transforms into a writer of various genres, with an emphasis on LGBTQ and erotica. Author of the Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer series, Candi's books are often filled with humor, lovable and kooky characters, and sweet happily-ever-afters.

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