Just Like a Date

Just Like a Date - E E Montgomery
Part of the Just Life series:
ISBN: 978-1-61372-596-2
Pages: 82

Just in Time by E E Montgomery

Sequel to Just His Type

Just Life Series: Book Two

Rebel Nguyen and Daron Boroughs both need to be loved, but when Rebel looks at Daron to fill that role, it mangles their friendship. Rebel tries a clean break and meets Jeremy. They hit it off, but Rebel is preoccupied with might-have-beens.

When Rebel doesn’t contact him for days, Daron feels lost. He decides he’ll never find love unless he can change, but the process of his makeover throws him into the arms of his last trick’s ex-boyfriend. Shockingly, they work together—until Daron inevitably screws it up.

Rebel and Daron both need to learn that they don’t have to change themselves for love—just the way they look for it.

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