Just A Taste – A Blurred Lines Series Introduction

by Peyton Landry

Just a Taste - Peyton Landry
Part of the Blurred Lines Series series:
Editions:ePub - First: $ 0.99 USD
ISBN: 9781775083498
Pages: 47

Every great love story has a beginning…

When Corbin Macintyre is asked by Shellie VanDerBeek to have sex with her bi boyfriend, Corbin appreciates the novelty of a reckless charge into adulthood after the burden of almost four years of university.

The wild couple’s erotic fantasy of selecting a bed partner for each other is to be one night of abandonment, with four bodies sharing a room and a bed. Corbin is to sleep with Brent. Shellie is to sleep with the guy Brent picks for her.

Corbin’s biggest concern is the straight funk he’ll witness in the process of helping the couple fulfil their fantasy, having no idea he will meet the man who will steal his heart and become the brightest part of his future after graduation

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About the Author

Peyton is a Canadian author of unique blended romances, mixing steamy gay and straight love stories into one book. She is married and lives in southern Ontario with her high school sweetheart, two teenagers, and two rescue cats. She enjoys writing while outside, lounging in a Muskoka chair no matter what the Canadian weather brings, and her love of Canada and hockey keeps her novel settings genuinely Canuck, and the score usually in favour of the Maple Leafs.

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