Irrelevant Omega

In the summer of 1969, Nicholas Paszkowski’s greatest worry was being drafted for the war in Vietnam. Being drafted was his biggest concern, but it wasn’t his only fear. Rounding out his top two was being poor and being gay. He’d been poor all his life, and that was something he could live with, but being gay could end his life.
There was nothing he could do about being gay, and he just squashed those feelings down until he had an itch that no girl could scratch no matter how hard he tried. When his needs became too much, Nicholas went to a movie theater, two towns over to find relief and hide his shame.
To change his financial situation, his best friend Marc came up with an idea to make money by robbing a local store. They planned on how much they would get, how they would spend the money, but they didn’t plan on getting caught.
Getting caught meant Vietnam for one year.
Getting caught meant coming face to face with feelings Nicholas had tried his best to hide, but when those feelings came in the form of Gunnery Sergeant Ethan Michaels, Nicholas became terrified.
Now he had a chance a t being happy but that meant becoming a wolf shifter and becoming pregnant by a true mate he didn’t know existed.


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