Irish Dream Hunks Box Set

Books 1-3

by Mark C. Wade

The Harp of Dunnbog

Martin awakens an Irish spirit.

Now it wants to possess someone.

This is more than he bargained for when embarking on a research trip to Ireland. All he wanted was to forget about his recent failed marriage.

Martin starts to fall for the local baker: Sean. This is not on his agenda. He wants to rid himself of any relationship drama for the duration of the trip. But he just can't help himself.

Maybe the awakened spirit has something to do with it. Maybe the song played by Sean on his grandmother's harp was magic. Maybe they're just made for each other.


The Kelpie of Glansagart


Can a mythological creature commit murder?

Jeff felt like a nobody. He still lived with his parents in the small midwestern town in which he was born.

When he gets accepted to do research under the supervision of his idol, Martin, he jumps at the opportunity.

But the small Irish town wants nothing to do with him. A murder has just occurred, and they're rightly suspicious of outsiders. To make matters worse, Jeff and Martin believe a mythological creature, the kelpie, has committed the crime.

Padraig is local newspaper reporter. He despises Jeff, but their flirtatious arguments turns to passion in the bedroom.

The Kelpie of Glansagart is equal parts steamy m/m romance, murder mystery, and discovery of Celtic mythology.

The Staff of Dagda


Rocco is an art historian, and he travels to Ireland to examine an ancient Celtic cave painting. Cáel is the politician that funded the trip.

Rocco is a disheveled academic. Cáel only cares about how others perceive him.

Good thing Rocco loves art, because Cáel appears to be a work of perfection. When Cáel shows up to the cave for a publicity stunt, Rocco is infuriated. But they have a connection neither can ignore.

If you love category romances, quirky characters, and fantasy, you'll love The Irish Dream Hunks Series.

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About the Author

Mark has always been the oddball. He openly read romance novels in high school, and somehow never got mocked for it. His parents once told him to go to more parties, because all that reading couldn't be healthy for his social life.

Well, they were right. But he still found his HEA with his husband and Old English Sheepdog. They like to go on long walks in the Connecticut countryside or just hang out by the pond with a glass of wine.

Now he has his dream job, and he couldn't be happier to bring all of you the strange fantasies floating in his head.

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