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Intimately Public

Naked Gay Lust - MM Book #307

by Ty Debauchee


Studying marine biology in the Florida Keys is beyond cool. And having private play time with two of the sexiest naked men on the planet is beyond imagination. Fortunately Ty had the good fortune to do all of this and more during his January short term course. Maybe they should have named the course: The Study of Human Anatomy in a Marine Environment.

The month becomes even more interesting when their class votes to extend their No Clothing Allowed policy to the entire compound at the Marine Biology Institute. In a form of protest, the class votes to take the rest of the course in the nude. Seizing on the opportunity, Ty, Tanner, and Chad set a personal goal of never wearing clothes for the remaining two and a half weeks of the course.

Have you ever gone completely naked for 18 consecutive days in a row? Would you choose to engage in such an adventure if you had the opportunity?

*This book contains explicit fictional scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 19 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

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“Do you want to paddle board back to the bay this afternoon?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m really horny. It’s been almost 12 hours since we had sex,” Tanner said with a bit of anguish in his voice.

“Yeah, I am too. We could go back to the room and prep, then walk the trail to the beach Chad took us to and spend the afternoon sucking and fucking there.”

“Ok, if you insist,” Tanner said in jest. “You talked me into it.”

“Yeah, like I twisted your arm.”

“Ooh, ouch, ouch, ooh, hurt me daddy, hurt me so good,” he whispered and then laughed out loud. Since we were still in the commons, I was afraid someone might have heard him, so I said, “Shhh, be quiet.” Of course my admonishment just made him laugh louder.


Still naked as everyone now co-existed, we ran into Julie as we walked back to Chad’s apartment. “Are you guys going to be men and hang with the group again tonight, or slink off and flame together somewhere?”

I don’t get pissed easily, but her little dig hit home, especially since I thought Tanner might over react. Nevertheless, I figured if we tried some sort of denial, it would just add fuel to the fire, so I decided to go outrageous so that no one would believe her. I wrapped my arm around Tanner’s waist and pulled him into me so we were chest to chest with our special parts nestled together and said, “What do you think, babe? Should we hang with the boring people tonight or make our own fun?”

Wrapping his arms around my neck, Tanner asked, “What do you have in mind Ty, and what is the group planning for tonight, Julie?”

“You know I never plan my fun. It’s always extemporaneous,” I said and gave him a peck on the cheek as Julie rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, what could you possibly have planned which would be better than this gorgeous piece of ass?” I said as I patted Tanner’s beautiful bare butt cheek lovingly and then squeezed it.

“Fine, you faggots have fun,” she said as she stepped around us and stomped off on her way to the commons.

“You don’t have to be rude and go away mad,” Tanner said.

Marc was walking up as I let go of Tanner. “She’s been pissy for the last couple of days because neither of you have offered to bone her since everyone went buff. Apparently she thinks she is Aphrodite.”

“Well, accusing us of being gay isn’t likely to get her any special accommodations.”

So much for no more posturing.

After prepping ourselves for backdoor business soon, Tanner and I packed a backpack with a humongous beach blanket belonging to Chad plus some bottles of water and snacks. We walked back down the entrance road to the trail entrance. Without knowing where to look, no one would find it unless we left some stupid clues, which we did purposely, on the opposite side of the road about several hundred feet closer to the compound.

Then we entered the scrub brush a hundred feet past the entrance to our path and used downed brush and clumps of grass to erase our footprints from the sand for the first 100 feet until we finally joined the path Chad had shown us. I stopped and pulled Tanner into a hug and kissed his supple lips with tender affection.

Nothing better than kissing you with our pleasure parts rubbing together.

“Why…” Tanner said out loud until I quickly pressed my lips back against his.

Then I whispered, “Quiet and listen.” It wasn’t long before we could faintly hear Julie squawking over on the road.

“Where did they go? How did they just …ing disappear?” She growled.

“I don’t know, but from what Scott said, Ty is definitely not someone who we want to piss off, anyway. Let’s give it up and go back.”

“No, we just need to look along the shoulder carefully on the way back to see if we see any footprints,” Julie whined.

“Ok, fine,” Jackson said with frustration.

“What do you mean he isn’t someone who we want to piss off?” Julie asked as an afterthought.


About the Author

I have long been a reader of the gay erotic romance genre.  During that time, I only rarely found books with just the right mix of plot, sex, and love.  Consequently, I started tinkering with writing my own novellas in this genre.  With the encouragement of friends and readers like you, I endeavor to share my books.

Using tiny snippets from the fantasies of my life, I began building full stories of the life I wish I had experienced along the way.  When I write my progressive series, I am drawn to the challenges of growing up gay in a small midwestern town where being different was not commonly applauded.  The trials and tribulations of seeking out a sustainable loving relationship seem to perpetually foster the rewarding challenge of creating my characters and their escapades.