Insanity Girls Redux

by Alex Powell

Insanity Girls Reduxe - Alex Powell
Editions:ePub: $ 1.99 USD
ISBN: 9781393454755

Silveira is just your everyday, ordinary university student. She never goes out or does anything unexpected until the night she runs into Envy, famous punk rock star and instigator of mad adventures...


It was nighttime in the big city, a Thursday night, and it had just finished raining. The neon lights were all blinking, taxi cabs rushed by, and pedestrians used the sidewalk like a runway, flashing everyone around them their million-dollar smiles. Music blasted from every single venue and bar decks overflowed. At a busy street corner, two figures rushed out the doors of an exclusive nightclub.

"Hurry, cross the street!" the first figure cried, not even stopping her mad dash and leaping out into the road.

"Envy, wait! The light's changing!" "Better run then!"

The second figure paused before following her companion. Several cars honked, but she ignored them, vaulting over the hood of the car turning right in the farthest lane over.

"You almost got us killed!" she complained.


"I'd rather get hit by a car than face the paparazzi, Jae," Envy said, grabbing her arm and pulling her along the road. "How'd they get in anyway?"

"Fuck if I know." Jaelynn shook her head. "Where's Phaedra and Shayla?"

"With their lovers," snorted Envy. "Serves them right if they didn't run fast enough. I told them that having boyfriends would slow them down."

Jae peered back across the street. "I don't see them anywhere, but I see some cameras over there. Envy! Crap, they see us!"

"Come on then. Run!"

The two took off down the street again, boots splashing on the wet cement. Across the road from them, a group of paparazzi waving cameras waited impatiently for the light to change again. As soon as the walk signal flashed on, the entire group surged into the road, pursuing their latest story. Envy glanced over her shoulder and sped up in an attempt to outpace their persistent shadows.

"Why did we agree to come a day early!" Jae whined at Envy's back as she panted along behind her. "I wanted to rest at that resort!"

"You think I want to miss the party of the season?" Envy turned her head to look back and grin at Jae. Jae scowled, didn't reply, and miserably continued running.
It started raining again, coming down in a half-hearted drizzle.
"My mohawk's going flat!" Jae cried, feeling her hair with her hands.

"We need a getaway car," Envy said decisively, smacking a fist into her palm.
"We don't have a getaway car!" Jae pointed out, still trying in vain to spike her hair back up. "There's a taxi!"
"It has someone in it already!"
"Too bad!"
The two flung themselves into the middle of the street, and into the path of the taxi.


About the Author

Alex is a genderfluid author from the wilds of Northern British Columbia, Canada. They have been writing since they knew how to put words together. They were an author who was first published at Less Than Three Press. All of their current works are looking to be either self-published or for a new home. They have an MA in English literature, and live with an orange cat named Percy.

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