Incubus Adored

by Ki Brightly

Incubus Adored - KI Brightly - Gravidam
Part of the Gravidam series:
  • Incubus Adored
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Incubus Adored © Ki Brightly May 2018

Gravidam Series #1

Peirs had accepted his life of servitude to an angel. His keeper asked only for a willing body, and in exchange his needs were met and he was fed and clothed. Peirs might have served the angel forever—it was the only life he knew—but one day Peirs discovered something he had no way to plan for. After two millennia, he was pregnant. Peirs now must summon the courage to escape his master and the unbendable divine law that declared no half-breeds should live, but running into an angelic soldier in the back room of a bar wasn’t part of his plan.

After years of begging to go to the battlefields on Earth, Tabbis, the youngest angel in Heaven, finally got his assignment. Ready for heroics and bloodshed, he was stunned when he found enchanting and seductive Peirs instead. Tabbis was duty bound to kill Peirs, but Peirs’s very existence challenged everything Tabbis thought he knew.

Tabbis needs answers. Peirs wants nothing more than to save his baby and live in peace. Can they band together to help each other? Or will the wrath of Heaven tear them apart?


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Publisher: Independently Published
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Pairings: MM
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
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Character Identities: Demisexual, Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Big Character / Little Character, Coming Home, Cultural Differences, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, First Time, Forbidden Love, Hurt / Comfort, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Mpreg, Secret Baby, True Love
Word Count: 69350
Setting: Pennsylvania, Heaven, Hell, Eden
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters


A Time Before Names and Knowledge




It was odd, this… existing. I tried to remember the time before now but couldn’t.

The spot between my eyes crinkled when I moved my face. I rolled my body until my back arched with a satisfying stretch. Warm air caressed my skin nicely, and the smooth surface beneath me made me want to rub my palms back and forth on it. It took a bit for my eyes to adjust, but eventually the world formed. In the distance, so far off that the sound was a tickle, metal clashed… on metal? Swords. I knew it was swords, the same way I knew, when I thought for a long while, that this was a cave.

How did I know?


After a time, the rough sparkle glittering on the veins edging the high curve of the dark stone walls drew my attention. Pretty. Beyond that, the sparse light couldn’t reach, and a dark void swallowed the distant ceiling.

I drew my hand up and bit my thumb while I listened hard. The ringing of metal, faraway tings, exploded into frantic flurries of brash sound. My chest grew tight as I lay there, and it became harder to draw breaths.

The low turquoise gleam of light from a large nearby pool rippled, dancing shadows up the wall. I never wanted to stop looking. Yes, this was a cave. The information simply existed in my mind somewhere, but my thoughts were slow, like slogging through mud.

How do I know what mud is?

The sound of water dripping into the pool whispered a thousand truths in a quiet symphony, but did so all at once, fighting with one another. Plop, plop, plop—a cacophony.

The ground didn’t give under my hand when I flexed it. I lifted it to look. My fingers were odd. I wiggled them. Heavy. I poked at my arm, pale even in this spare light. Yes, flesh. Struggling, memories hid in my mind, elusive. Seductive. I chased after them, yet they remained out of reach.

Thirst, a burning that had gathered this entire time, became so painful that it drove me to sit up with one powerful flex. I ran my hands down the curve of my legs, the hair tickling my palms.


Sucking on my bottom lip, running my tongue over the softness there, I tried very hard to recall my purpose here.

A low light along the bottom edge of the cavern gleamed, visible from this angle, brilliant and green. Little plants. They had a name, but it escaped me. Limbs shaking, I tipped onto my side and crawled toward the nearby pool. My chest grew tighter, and I thought I would never be able to breathe again. Every surge forward took all of my strength. I flopped until my face dropped into the cold water. Sputtering, I turned and gulped air before slurping. The chilled liquid soothed my throat and gut.

Bad smells—smoke?—drifted into my cave. Death and ruin.

A slow, careful journey to the wall on the far side of the pool took me a while. When I finally reached it, the solid surface gave me something to balance against while finding my footing.

After a few moments had passed, I trekked toward the stench. As I shuffled onward, the air grew warmer, the battle closer, but the cave walls twinkled, hypnotic, enticing me to stay. A breeze, carrying more of that sour odor, skimmed over my stomach and thighs. Painful light sliced into the cave as I rounded a bend. Squint as I might, there was no seeing beyond it.

The sounds I’d been listening to gradually ceased, except for a faint crinkle-and-roar, and… wailing.

My entire body buckled with a dull ache in my middle, and I was too hot for a brief flash. I gasped as the feeling fled. My stomach cramped while my pulse thudded in my throat. I careened toward the light and emerged from the mouth of the cave into an acrid gray shield that was forced away by a kind wind. Smoke. Puddles of blue sky formed behind the choking clouds. The grass of a meadow shimmered. Tears gathered in my eyes at the beauty of sun and green growth.

But as I stared, large splotches of red came into focus, pockmarks on the pristine glory of living things. I gazed out farther. People—males—lay on the grass, not moving, some with wings, some without. Their legs were encased in leather. Some wore robes or shirts, and still others had nothing covering their chests. Swords and shields littered the area far and wide. I shook my head, and things began to make more sense.

War. Ravaged land.

The devastation sent my gut heaving. So much horror. The battleground spread to the tree line. An awful pain chased through me, bright and vicious. Most of the trees had been razed. Some were on their sides. Orange flames licked at them, grasping for the sky, fueled by brush, which all seemed to have caught. Flowers along the edges of the field lay curled black.

I flexed my hands as some towering emotion I could barely contain made my skin run hot.

Red everywhere. Blood. Fire. The smell. Gagging, I dropped a hand to my stomach to try to sooth the cramp away, curled forward, and lost the water I had drank all over the ground. It splashed my feet. My vision graying, nose clogging, I tried to rub my toes on the grass, only to have them come away coated in something slimy. My mouth fell open and I heaved again, but nothing came out.

“Come here, little one.”

The high, ragged voice drew my attention toward the direction the sun sank. I crept forward.

“So—” A cough rocked the being. “—Sorry.”

The figure on the ground had long curly black hair. Female? I did a quick glance down my body, my ears ringing. Different from me.

Dirt and blood spattered her tan face, but her smile was kind, her lips red. She wore a leather protective shirt and pants, but they hadn’t been enough. Blood poured from a gash at her middle. She shifted, and her innards glistened in the light so that I had to look away or be sick again.

“You’re confused right now.” Her laugh wheezed, stilted. “Come forward.” She groped her hand my way.

Her commanding tone jerked through me. Rushing, I dropped to my knees at her side.

She smiled. “So handsome. So rare.” She fumbled for my hand, her grip strong at first but then slackened. “The garden. Regrow it, sweet child. It needs a steady hand or it runs wild. Avoid the angels. The land will protect you if you let it. Your seat is there.” She fumbled to point, but I couldn’t look away from her. She pulled at a thin gold bracelet on her wrist, gesturing in my direction with it. I flinched, but then made myself lean closer and help her take the bracelet off. Her fingers had coated it in her blood, making a slippery mess. When I had it off, she took it back from me and worked it onto my wrist, where the cool metal seemed to shift closer to my skin and grow warm. With a touch of her fingers to my chin, she focused my attention. “The garden is yours.”

“What are you speaking of?” My voice, so much lower than hers, startled me.

She laughed with a bright smile cupping her hand to my face. An odd spiral of bliss washed over me as her eyes met mine.

I swallowed hard. “Are you dying?”

“Not exactly,” she said with another laugh that was more of a gurgle. Her grip tightened on me as a shadow fell across us, sending a shiver along my skin. She pushed at me but had barely any strength left. “Run to the cave. Run, sweet one. Be bold, but run.”

And then, nothing. One moment, she was smiling, and the next, a splash of blood and her sword on the ground were the only things to be found.

I sat back hard on my heels, then doubled over, straining my arm forward. My fingers trembled as I reached for the sword, but a booted foot kicked it away, catching my hand. Hurt coiled up my arm, stealing my breath, devouring wise thoughts. I drew my hand back and cradled it to my chest.

A thick and uncontrollable awfulness sank into my muscles and kept me from moving.

I followed the foot up a well-muscled, leather-clad leg to a shirtless warrior easily holding aloft a sword larger than my entire body. Chest muscles rippling, he fluttered his white wings at his shoulders as he stood there, a sneer on his full lips. His straight nose and high forehead were regal and terrifying in the shadow cast by the dying sun behind him. His dark blond hair blew across his forehead, looking warm to the touch, but his brown eyes were cold. As he stared, I lowered myself closer to the ground.

An odd invisible vibrancy surrounded him, trembling in the air. It pulled at me enough that I wanted to crawl toward him. My middle panged, a more subtle pain than my hand, surprising a gasp from me. Something about this male was… intriguing. He brought about a deep thirst somewhere inside me, lower than my tongue or my throat. His nostrils flared and he smiled, but it had a sharp edge to it. Sweat slid down my temples.

“Do you even know how to use it?”

I darted a glance at the sword, but got an uneasy feeling that wasn’t precisely what he was talking about when the sneer on his lips shifted to a smirk. Carefully, I shook my head, growing ever more disconcerted, and dropped my arms to my knees, hunching over. Discomfort radiated down to the core of me.

“Why didn’t she send you away with the others?”

There were others? I shrugged.

His lips pinched while he sheathed his sword gracefully in an overhead gesture that brought it down into a case he wore strapped between his wings. “Your horns are different from others of your kind.”

He said this as if I’d committed some sort of offense. Frowning, I reached up to where his gaze was fixed on my head and felt blindly through my hair. Sure enough, unlike the male I was looking at, there were hard protrusions twisting out from both sides of my head.


My stomach dove, and a hot, distressing coal settled there, even though I didn’t know him. The way his jaw tightened and he shook his head made me want to curl into a ball.

He leaned down and roughly grasped my arm, then hauled me to my feet. “Where did that demoness go?”

The way he said it—rude, awful—made me want to get away even more than the pain from his fingers digging into my arm. A knowledge I couldn’t place swirled in my mind, and I answered without thinking. “In the between place. She’s tired of fighting.”

“What do you know of that?” he ground out. A muscle jumped in his cheek. Bending close with narrowed eyes, he shook me. The pain of his rough grip caused tears to blur my vision.

I tugged and leaned away, but he didn’t let go. I shook my head.

His gaze fell on my wrist, where the bracelet clung, and his jaw grew tighter. He spun away from me to scowl into the burning forest without letting go. “Lilitu, you thought you’d trick me into doing your dirty work. I’ll report a win to Yahweh,” he bellowed, jerking me roughly against his chest. He let loose another growl that sent a cramp drilling into my core, stronger than the others—a pleasant pain.

His skin was warm, his chest muscles hard. My cheek pressed against his nipple. The cramping in my gut contracted until it was a needy point concentrated at the base of the flesh dangling between my thighs, and I felt… tired. Fear gripped me, and I clung to him, the deep musk of his body pulling a moan from me. Shivering, I wiped the sting of sweat out of my eyes with my forearm.

“Who are you?” I gasped.

He jutted his chin out proudly and rustled his wings. “Archangel Michael.” He paused, but his mouth twisted to the side when I said nothing. He raised an eyebrow. “Finest general in Yahweh’s army?”

I shrugged, lost.

He loosened his grip and ducked his head. Warm breath gusted into my ear, a tickle and swirl. The cramp in my gut blazed into a grasping inferno that threatened to consume my entire being. I shivered and moaned, drifting closer to his large body and flexed my hands on the muscled planes of his abdomen. He covered mine with one of his and held them there.

“And you? What did the whore demoness call you?”

I shook my head, but a pinch to my behind had me shoving at him.

He laughed, trapping me against him with a tight grip. “Tell me.”

“Sweet,” I whispered.

He drew in a deep breath and laughed harder. “But what is your name?”

His fingers dug into my back, pressing me flush to him. The contact was… a relief. My cramping eased up and my skin didn’t feel as hot, but the glint in his eyes as he grinned sent me struggling again. I was already worn out, so I didn’t have the energy to get away, but he pinched me again, which hurt.

“Tell me,” he demanded in a tone that clearly stated there would be consequences if I did not.

Thoughts fuzzy, it was difficult to force out words. “I wasn’t, and then I was. And then I came out of the caves.”

The sun had dipped behind what was left of the forest in the amount of time we stood there together, barely moving. Shadows stretched longer, the trees around us charred and smoked. The thirst in the back of my throat grew worse. He rubbed himself against my stomach while he furrowed his brows and glared. Little teasing tendrils of something delightful chased over my skin where he was pressed against me, relieving some of my pain.

“What is happening?” I asked, curling my hands around his arms, not sure if I wanted to shove him off or anchor him close.

“Angels are forbidden the humans. Too many unfortunate half-breeds.” He spoke with clipped words. “But you’re one of her children.”

I pushed at his chest. His hand ran down my back to grab my bottom, and I stilled.

“It’s been too long since Yahweh allowed battle spoils.” He kneaded my muscles back there and caressed a finger down into my cleft, sending me crashing against him with a sharp, needy yearning.

He thrust against me and slid both hands low around my waist, tight enough to hurt. When I looked up, he shook his head and considered me before moving so quickly, there was no way to protest. He swung me up into his arms, and my stomach lurched. Another cramp had me curling in on myself. I rested my forehead on his chest, and he cradled the back of my head in what seemed a purposeful way until I nuzzled there. His wings opened with a crack, and I cringed closer. The ground fell away beneath our feet, leaving behind my insides. I clung as we climbed toward the golden inferno of the sky. A stretched hollowness ran from my heart to the ground far below.

“I need to stay.” I pounded a fist against his chest, but there was no fighting spirit in me, not that I had much chance anyway. That pleasant tingle from touching him continued, intensified by having my entire side plastered to his chest.

“You’re mine now, sweet incubus. Get used to it.”



Chapter 1


Foot Soldier Under the Directive of the Archangel Uriel

Stationed in the Northwestern Territories of the Empyreal Realm, Commonly Known as the United States of America

Modern Day


A shout, the kind that held pain, stilled my breath for a moment. Then, chin thrust out, pulse pounding, I moved closer to the building.

Boat horns bellowed at one another in the nearby bay, a noise that reminded me of cattle lowing. Gray clouds, illuminated by the nighttime lights of the city, crowded the skyline and made me feel trapped here, feet firmly on the ground. The old brick of the building I stood in front of had soot stains, and broken-out windows lined the second story. Glancing skyward, I took a deep breath as the clouds churned in a noxious boil. Cool wind blew my hair across my face until I had to shake my head to get it away, and even then a few strands caught in my beard.

I tugged at my T-shirt, my skin sticky with the humidity.

This was idiotic. I was out patrolling for demons—fallen angels—not whatever was going on inside. Angels weren’t supposed to mess around in human business. Uriel had been very clear on that when Yahweh had finally given in and allowed me out of his sight. But what if a demon was inside? If I didn’t look, I wouldn’t know, so really I was duty bound to investigate. I nodded, finished convincing myself.

The tiredness from my long day at work melted away, replaced by an anxious tension in my shoulders as I clamped my gladius—a blade as long as my forearm—between both hands.

“Get away from me. I said no,” a low voice snarled, but even in anger, the words rang into the night like a sad song.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Something odd had drawn me to this spot. Nothing about this situation was right. I’d been trained for an open battlefield, not this… lurking in darkness, skulking around perimeters.

The open door, broken at its hinges, gaped, an enigmatic wound in the side of the building. Swallowing hard, I eased past the threshold. The perfume of apples teased on the air, as if a tree hid somewhere in the darkness. I stared and shook my head. An abyss of empty, shadowed space spread before me, but a vision of a golden grove wriggled into my brain. As ridiculous as it was, the urge to search out and sink my teeth into one of those apples pulled me in as much as the shout that had started this madness.

The sounds of a scuffle guided me forward. Grunting and another small, pained cry had me ducking to become a smaller target as I strained to see. Slowly my eyes adjusted and shapes came into existence, but too much mystery lay before me to advance.

“You’re here, I’m here—feel that?” There was the sound of tussling. “Appease me.”

An angry yelp had me tightening my hands on the hilt of my sword.

“Get off. Don’t need to right now. Visit me at Azrael’s.”

“Who doesn’t have needs, huh?”

There was a laugh, not from that voice that had lured me inside, but from a noxious one that made me want to sink my sword deep in the owner. I jabbed my gladius in front of me. Imagine a target.

“Will you go away afterward?”

There was such defeat in that question, almost like the world was ending. The picture I was getting of this situation was so wrong, it didn’t matter if they were humans or not anymore. I couldn’t allow this.

“Why would I do that?”

Creeping forward, I eased myself beside a pillar and could barely make out the shapes of two struggling men. Squinting, I sneaked closer. One, a lot smaller than the other, seemed to be losing the battle to stay on his feet. My cheeks heated until they felt like they might burst into flames. The little guy needed help.

“He told you no.”

My words had them exploding apart. The taller man held his hands at his sides and bowed his head. “Plenty to go around, pal,” he laughed.

There was a strangled, angry cat noise from the smaller man who had a… hood on? That was odd in this heat.


The tall man scuffed his toe on the floor, then lunged. I easily braced and smashed his face with the flat of my blade. He collapsed backward, the force of it laying him out. Something familiar buzzed in the air and put me on edge. The hair on my arms stood on end. This feeling definitely wasn’t something a human created.

“Demon,” I gasped.

He groaned and slapped a hand to his hurt face. A righteousness filled me. This is what I’ve come to Earth to do, to stop the ravaging of demons. It’s what I’ve been trained for, what I’ve—

He sprang easily to his feet, something I hadn’t counted on, and rushed me, his shoulder down. Surprised, I didn’t step out of his way fast enough, and he caught me in the chest with a vicious shoulder that stole my breath. The darkness had concealed wings that he snapped open and pumped to beat the air. Dust bit my nose as he used the draft of wind to push himself forward, carrying us both back, drilling me into a pole with a sickening creak. My head cracked back against it. Lights flashed, colorful pain behind my eyelids, and I struggled, my sword still in my grip. All of my training fled my mind.

He punched my gut repeatedly, then brought up his knee. Pain exploded in my balls and had me groaning. My hands flexed, and I dropped my sword before instinctively cradling my injury.

“Not fair engagement,” I gasped, sliding down the pole at my back. Everything swam around me, and the demon laughed.

“Can tell Michael ain’t in charge of the recruits anymore,” he snarked, and then a blow to my head sent me sprawling on the floor.

I twisted, groggy but ready to try. “Not going back in dishonor.”

My hand brushed the gladius. I fumbled for the hilt, then clutched it. He must have thought he had the chance to end this visit to Earth for me, because as I turned with the blade, he dropped down with his own weapon in hand. We were both shocked when my sword pushed into his chest, sliding in so much easier than I’d ever thought it would. His momentum carried him on, and we ended up in a heap on the cement floor with his heavy body crushing me.

It wasn’t my finest moment.

I panicked, flailing as much as I could with a demon as big as I was lodged on me, as immovable as a rock. A heartbeat, then two went by, and his weight disappeared. My sword dropped hard against my chest, and there was a clank at my side. Stunned, I gasped for breath. Sure, I had been out here looking for my first fight, but—

“It happened too fast,” I said to my opponent, even though he’d obviously gone back to the ether already. Not even his clothing had been left behind.

The scent of apples enticed me, and my body, already on high alert, confused it with something erotic, because my groin tightened pleasantly. My jeans were too tight.

Footsteps running away fast echoed in the wide, dark space, powering toward the exit.

I lay there, straining my neck to watch a shadowy figure disappear into the night. Confused and turned on, I groaned and shoved up onto my elbows. Every muscle I had seemed to hurt. I inhaled deeply, then sighed. Honey and apples. My mouth watered, and I sat up, resting the cool flat of my gladius against my forehead.

I had delivered Yahweh’s judgment by destroying a demon. I had done his bidding, and… my insides felt scooped out. The fast and furious fight was nothing like the joy I’d taken in swearing to do my duty when I was shivering at Yahweh’s feet, reveling in his approval. Shaking my head, I carefully stood, the long walk back to my apartment a very unappealing prospect.

With a scowl, I limped toward the door. Something fucked up was going on. Since when did someone smell so good that they could… affect these mortal bodies? I adjusted myself in my pants and breathed, but that intoxicating scent lingered on the air. What the hell was going on?


About the Author

Ki grew up in small-town nowhere pretending meteor showers were invading aliens, wild flowers were magic potions, and secret agents hid around every corner. (Ki probably read more than was .) They had one amazing best friend, one endlessly-out-of-grasp “true love,” and a personal vendetta against normalcy.

College was a catapult out of that sleepy little hamlet into a slightly larger, more entertaining city—Erie, Pennsylvania.

In their adopted hometown they enjoy the sandy beaches, frigid winters, and a wonderful fancy water addiction. Ki shares life with two sweet Muses, their Sugar Plum, and two children. Every day with these wonderful people is full of adventure.

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