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Incidental Contact 4: Secret Lovers

by Jaxon Grant

Incidental Contact - Jaxon Grant - BnTasty
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 18.54
ISBN: 1727289242
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 356

Trying to move past that fatal event from seven years ago has been hard for NBA superstar CJ Wright. He hasn’t truly dealt with that tragedy from January 11, 2011, and the pressure of it all is starting to consume his life. CJ has made some questionable decisions with the media, and his personal life, and now everything is starting to boil over to the point of no return. He’s on the hunt for redemption, but his past actions could have long-lasting impacts on his future. CJ will have to face a series of tough decisions that could forever change his life. In doing so, everything he loves is at risk in this inevitable do-or-die moment.

In the next state over from CJ, trouble is looming for Governor J. Nehemiah Reed. The governor is in the midst of a highly contested re-election campaign, but there are forces working against him that could bring the governor, and his loved ones, to the brink of extinction.

What will happen when the worlds of a superstar athlete and a rising politician with sights on the White House collide? Will CJ ever find real peace? Will his family remain intact after his new set of revelations? Will CJ ever find true love again? Who is really behind the governor’s potential downfall? Will the governor fight off his enemies and win re-election? Will he still be standing once all the dust clears? One thing is for certain, after this series of events, the lives of both CJ and Governor Reed will never be the same.

Join CJ on this new journey as the fourth book of the Incidental Contact series is guaranteed to be explosive and will leave you speechless.

Publisher: Independently Published

Character Identities: Gay, Lesbian

Tropes: Alpha Character, Arranged Pairing, Blackmail, Cheating, Coming of Age, Coming Out / Closeted, Coming Out Later in Life, Fake Relationship, Famous / Not Famous, Friends to Lovers, Married Life, Passing as Straight

Setting: Atlanta, GA; Tallahassee, FL; Miami, FL

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

Reviews:Boss3 on Amazon wrote:

I rated this book the way I did because it is a classic. After reading Incidental contact 1-3, I loved the story between Dedrick and CJ but book three left me with so many questions. I am happy that CJ and J. Nehemiah were able to support and love on every other through this process.

Felicia Stevens on Amazon wrote:

I will just like his others give this 5 stars. Well written and allowed closure for CJ and Dedrick. I love how the author incorporated current events into the storyline. Jaxon Grant NEVER disappoints.

Anthony Garrett on Amazon wrote:

Omg. Just finished and all I can say is wooow. What a beautiful way to conclude a series. Not go lie I honestly thought I had the book figured out and going in a number of different directions. But every time you took it somewhere else.

Not that you need to hear it from me but That is truly the gift of a great writer.


About the Author

Known mostly as BnTasty by his online reader-base, Jaxon Grant started his writing conquest in June 2008, on Da Site, which was a popular stories website for gay and bisexual men. With his initial publications, Jaxon captivated his audience and created a healthy following that urged him to move outside of the confines of those who flocked to Da Site to read his material. Now, after many years of growing and understanding his skills as a writer, he’s brought his work to a national audience.

Jaxon has written with compelling thoughts that tackle the issues we face as Americans, not just in the LGBT community. In his unique style, he uses the elements of drama, mystery, suspense, romance, and tragedy to further the depth and scope of his work.

Jaxon was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from the Florida A&M University (FAMU) and majored in Social Science Education. While at FAMU, Jaxon was a member of the marching band, the world-renown FAMU Marching 100.

Please be sure to visit his website,, and sign up for his newsletter to receive important updates from Jaxon. You can follow Jaxon on Facebook and on Instagram (@jaxon_grant). Finally, you can text Jaxon at 321-306-6500 to receive new release alerts directly to your phone.