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In Enemy Territory

Mate of the Tyger Prince Book 9

by Shannon West

In Enemy Territory - Shannon west - Mate of the Tiger Prince
Part of the Mate of the Tyger Prince series:
  • In Enemy Territory
Editions:Kindle - 1: $ 4.99

What should a Tygerian colonel do when he develops a devastating and disastrous attraction that’s totally unsuitable?

Kylon Bonnett, close friend of Prince Mikos, goes to the aid of Prince Larz on Laltana when both they and the disgraced human prisoner, Rasc Centarlo become embroiled in a mission to the unfriendly prison planet of Gatifrey. A deranged commandant there is harboring a deadly secret, and playing a dangerous game with the prisoners’ lives.

Prince Mikos and Ryan’s paths converge with Bonnett’s and Centarlo’s in a surprising way. They discover the commandant’s true identity and find themselves in grave danger, when it becomes a contest between them and the commandant to see if they can survive this mission that takes them deep into enemy territory.

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The first thing that struck him was the beauty of the beast. The black stripes made an intricate pattern above his eyes and around the sides of his face. In the middle of his face was his large golden snout, leading to his mouth and incredibly long whiskers. As Rasc gazed at him in awe, the beautiful beast opened his eyes.

They were a dark golden color. They were intelligent and wary, gazing at him without any trace of anger or vicious intent. Were these Kylon’s eyes? It would be sweet to think so, but he couldn’t trust the “feelings” he was having. This was a wild animal, unpredictable and savage. It would kill him if it got the chance.


Moving by inches, he began to crawl away. Once he got out from under the massive paw, braced at any moment for a swipe that would no doubt kill him, he rolled slowly and gently even farther away. He got into a crouch and began moving faster, and when he’d made it about twenty feet away from the beast, he got up the nerve to look back over his shoulder at Kylon, and his heart almost stopped. The tiger was awake and staring at him, his golden eyes never moving and a low, growling rumble beginning in its chest.

His nerve breaking, Rasc jumped to his feet and ran as he’d never run before in his life. He could hear the beast getting to its feet behind him. Only steps away from a tall tree, he pulled and shoved at the boy to get up, almost gibbering at him in terror. The boy leaped onto the trunk and began to climb, and Rasc was right behind him, hearing the tiger below them, snarling and clawing the tree in rage. They both climbed as if their lives depended on it—which they no doubt did—both of them getting higher in the tree than Rasc thought possible. He was a city boy and had never climbed trees as a kid. It was amazing how much abject fear and panic could help you when you least expected it. The tiger suddenly roared and began to climb toward him when the sound of voices coming closer made the animal turn and snarl his fury. He jumped down and took off into the jungle, disappearing from sight among the bushes in only seconds.


About the Author

Shannon West is an author of MM Romance and believes love has no gender. She has well over a hundred novels, novellas and short stories that usually have a paranormal or a sci fi twist, but she also loves contemporary. Her stories have been translated into French, Italian and even one Japanese Yaoi, and in the past, she has worked with several publishers, both large and small. She can be found most days fighting cats off the keyboard, eluding housework, lost in fantasy worlds, and imagining love scenes—sometimes all at the same time. She makes her home in Georgia, with frequent jaunts to the North Carolina mountains and anywhere else she can, really, as she loves to travel. She’s married with four children, has too many cats and a dog named Smokey. She is almost always working on a few more stories at any given time.