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I Need You

Riverside Town Book 1

by Darla O'Malley

Book Description

Losing a loved one can change a person, their outlook on life and their reason for being… Dane and Noah go through those changes together. Neither of them encouraged or expected what their future would bring, but they don’t regret their new normal.

When Dane’s girlfriend, Maranda, became pregnant during their summer break before starting college, Dane did what he felt any man should do in that situation, he gained a respectable job as a firefighter to provide for his girlfriend and their daughter, Sydney; he became dependable, not needing to rely on his parents or anyone else for help.

After disowning his parents for their choice of disowning his gay, older brother, Noah’s life was blissfully simple. He was the manager of a hotel, and engaged to his best friend, Sydney, Dane’s daughter. As long as he had a good book to read, he was happy.

Life for Dane and Noah was set in stone; they knew who they were, who they loved, and where their lives were going. However, when tragedy strikes, their lives are upended and they have no one left… except each other.


I Need You is the first book from debuting author Darla O’Malley.


Author Note: male/male romance, can be read as a standalone. Gay for you. Contains sexual acts between consenting adults, strong language, light daddy kink, light dubious consent.

This book is on:
  • 1 To Be Read list

Character Identities: Straight

Tropes: Age Difference, Gay for You / Straight to Gay, Hurt / Comfort

Languages Available: English, German

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters


There was a long swishing noise coming from…somewhere. It wasn’t extremely loud, but loud enough to wake my brain up.

I took a moment to try and figure out what was happening when I realized that the noise was coming from the roof. Someone was on the roof— “Oh, shit,” I groaned as I finally figured out what was going on.

Dane and I had visited Sydney’s and Maranda’s graves today. It wasn’t our first visit, but this one felt harder than the other times—for me at least. I didn’t know why visiting them was so painful... And, if Dane’s on the roof at 1 a.m., then I’m guessing the visit was hard on him, too.

I quickly dressed in the jeans and pullover I found at the top of the clothes pile in my suitcase before rushing down the hall. The door to the guestroom was open, I poked my head inside. Seeing the bed empty I concluded that it was definitely Dane on the roof.


Before I turned to leave the room, I noticed a large brown packing box on Dane’s neatly made queen-sized bed. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked inside the box which contained a lone pair of female shoes. Maranda’s shoes. I hadn’t been in this room since I moved in. The room was about half the size of the master bedroom, and the piles of women’s clothing—Maranda’s clothing—scattered around on the floor only made the space smaller.

I left the guestroom and headed downstairs for the front door. Grabbing one of Dane’s heavy coats off a hook, I put it on and then left the house.

The moonlight and streetlight gave me a clear view of Dane at the top of a two-story ladder sweeping leaves out of the gutter.

I could see from where I stood—a few steps from the front door—that Dane had a torch attached to his head. But I was still appalled at what Dane was doing in the middle of the night.

“Err, excuse me Mr. Fireman Chief, sir?” I spoke loud enough to be heard by Dane, but not enough to scare him. “How do you think your subordinates at the fire department would react to learning you’re up a ladder, two stories, without someone holding the thing for you?”

“Actually, Frank and Bob are spotting me,” Dane replied as he made his way down to the ground.

Confused about who the hell Frank and Bob were, I looked to the bottom of the ladder, and rolled my eyes when I saw two large rocks pushed up against the two legs of the ladder. “That is not safe!” I couldn’t help but yell, exasperated by Dane’s stupidity.

“Well, you’re here now…” Dane smirked as he planted his feet on the ground, turning off the torch on his head.


About the Author

Darla O’Malley had been writing male/male fiction and paranormal stories as a hobby for quite a few years, until encouragement from friends and family to become a published author had her finishing one of her many half-written novels. She’s extremely happy she heeded their advice as having others read her creations has become an exhilarating experience.