I Hear You

Come to Your Senses

by Susan Reeves

I Hear You - Susan Reeves - Come to Your Senses
Part of the Come to Your Senses series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 233

Leo Bradshaw: Casino security, gym-selfie junkie, and foraging amongst Christmas paper in the closet.
Eamon Hughes: Teacher, new in town, and a notorious hermit but avid hiker.

Leo's body reacts the first time he spies Eamon, who's on a rare night out at his work Christmas party. It's not good. At all. Leo's in the closet and surrounded by peers and cameras, but the body wants what the body wants, even though he could lose everything if he acts on it.
Eamon learns the hard way the casino isn't the safe haven he thought, but it does put him on the radar of the hot and sexy security guard who makes his body go oomph!
Through run-ins with Rohypnol, life-changing mountain climbs, and a steamy whitegoods encounter, their friendship blossoms. But could they ever be more?
I Hear You is a story about trusting your heart to guide you exactly where it's meant to be.

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Eamon wiped a stray tear from Leo’s cheek. “I’m sorry because I’ve been such a crappy friend. I don’t know anything about your past, or your family, or whatever it is that’s making you upset like this.”

Leo looked up at him and gave a small smile. “It’s not your fault—at all. I’ve never liked talking about it, and you’re easy to distract.”

“Oh, God. Are you saying I’m a narcissist?” Eamon choked out.

“No… I don’t actually know what that is. I like listening to you, talking to you. I just don’t really like talking about myself, to anyone, so please don’t take it personally. Nobody knows my history, and I like it that way. Well, I did. I wanted to open up to you, because you did with me, except for the whole health thing, that is. I just went through a lot of shit to get where I am, and I didn’t want to take away any of the light I felt when I was around you. That’s mostly why I held back.”



Eamon thought for a minute.

“Did you break into the homes of the elderly and beat them up for their money, and their vintage coin and stamp collections?”

Leo looked at him in shock.

“No, no I—”

“Did you own or participate in any form of animal fight club, excluding those pretty Siamese fish, because that’s their natural instinct, and sometimes kids think they’re lonely and put them in a tank together, and then have to explain to their parents that Foofie and Ja-Ja went on a little holiday together to the sea, through the magic tunnel in the toilet?”

Leo’s look was incredulous this time.

“Um, no I—”

“Did you manufacture and sell drugs to unsuspecting teenagers, in hope they would get hooked and progressively fund a private island for you and your homies—no pun intended—to lay back for the next fifty years and sip alcoholic Shirley Temples served by naked cabana boys who also specialise in erotic massage and hand and footjobs?”

Crazy. Leo thought he was crazy. Eamon could see it in his face.

Contain your crazy!

“No, definitely not. Although, that last one does sound interesting….”

“By interesting, you mean freaky deaky, don’t you?”

Leo laughed.


“No,” Leo answered. “Maybe. It’s a bit freaky deaky with the footjob thing.”

“You’ve never had one?” Eamon ventured.

“Can’t say I have?” Leo admitted, amused.


“Actually, neither have I. Let me mention, though, that I have size eleven feet. Just so you know. I’m not trying to influence you in any way, shape, or form.

“But seriously now, I like to think you can tell me anything, Leo. When you’re ready of course. No pressure at all. Just know that I’m here, and that I’ll be able to stop being narcissistic long enough to really listen.”

He dropped a kiss on Leo’s temple.

“Thank you,” Leo finally said. “I—I think I want to talk about it now, if you don’t have anywhere else to be. It might help me work stuff out in my head.”

Eamon dropped another kiss on Leo before unwrapping himself.

“I’m right where I want to be. Let me move around a bit, though. My back doesn’t like this angle too much.”

Reviews:Donna on Love Bytes Reviews wrote:

What can I say except I loved this story! I was pleasantly surprised by the first book in this series, but Leo and Eamon’s story is even better.

Leo and Eamon first meet when Eamon is found barely conscious and spouting French on the floor of the casino where Leo works security. Despite the fact that he’s hardly lucid, Leo is instantly attracted to the defenseless young man and makes it his mission to find out who drugged him and why. But it’s only a couple of months later that Leo has to haul Eamon out of danger yet again, and this time Eamon’s family descends to thank him personally. Leo and Eamon become friends, and though they are both a bit hesitant, something more than friends too.

This story has gotten me a little gushy. I loved the humor, I loved the endearing hesitance of both main characters. I loved the secondary characters, I loved the distinct Aussie feel. I loved the sexy times between these men, and I especially loved Eamon’s extensive knowledge of cars. You may ask – was there anything I didn’t like about this story? Hell yes, there was. Pina. Colada. Tim. Tams. They are the best, I repeat, the best of the “flavoured” Tim Tams, and should never ever be dissed.

So, I mentioned loving a couple of things. The secondary characters, especially Eamon’s family, were brilliant. They played a major role in bringing the MCs together when our guys were doing the whole will-we-won’t-we dance. Which was also very well done, by the way. Often that backwards/forwards between the characters drives me crazy, but the author made their fears and reluctance very believable and I was left wanting to encourage them rather than roll my eyes in annoyance. The presence of Eamon’s family also allowed Leo to naturally open up about his own family and make us understand why he was scared to come out to his coworkers.

Eamon’s health issues added an extra element of interest to the story. I think the author included it just enough to be more than simply a token illness, but didn’t labour on and on, just to prove that she knew her facts. It was well employed to highlight Eamon’s strength, which was needed after the poor guy had to be rescued a couple of times at the start of the story. Because Eamon is definitely more than just a damsel in distress character.

I keep switching my rating from a 4.5 to 5 and then back again. Seriously, I’ve done it half a dozen times just while writing this review. But you know what, I’m going to stick with a 5. I was just so impressed with the way every element of this tale was balanced to best compliment the story as a whole. I can’t wait to see where the author takes this series next…I Taste You??? That could definitely be a hit!

About the Author

Susan Reeves is a lifelong avid reader who has had a fairly interesting life so far and has some stories of her own that she wanted to share. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world, in her opinion, and you’ll find glimpses throughout her stories as she loves to share it with her readers.
Susan also loves to potter around the kitchen, walk along the healing sands of her local beaches, and have coffee therapy with friends.
An advocate for equality, living simply and all things green, Susan spends any spare time spreading light and love in hope that it touches those who might need a little.