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Hartland PD 1

by Shea Balik

A vigilante has come to Hartland. With the police station barely staffed after the new Chief fired most of the bigoted Alphas, it was left to the remaining few to find who decided to seek justice outside of the law.

Gal Church had walked away from the love of his life, Levan, hoping it would keep him safe. Too many cops still believed Omegas were nothing but possessions, and if any of them found out that Gal was in love with Levan, it might put the Omega in danger.

Levan Katz had been hurt and confused when Gal basically abandoned him after he’d been injured by a group of Alpha cops. But he refused to sit around and mope. After weeks of rehab, he’d gone back to work, only to end up on a case with Gal.

Thrown back into working together, the passion between them heats up. Will love win in the end? Or will it blow up in their faces?


Warning: This series will overlap some in these books. Each book needs to be read in order to discover all the clues for each case as different characters will be investigating different aspects.

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Publisher: Independently Published
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Tropes: Alpha Character, Families/Raising Kids, Friends to Lovers, In Uniform, Mpreg

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

About the Author

Best Selling author of the Cedar Falls Series, Paranormal War Series, and Miracle Series, Shea Balik has always had a vivid imagination with stories running around in her head. Often her stories are taken from observations of other people with her own spin.

Traveling is one of her favorite ways of fulfilling her passion of people watching. You never know, one day you may spark her imagination for her next book.

Whether at home or traveling she is usually in front of her computer writing or curled up with a good book.

You can stay up to date with everything Shea by following any of her links!