Hollywood Tease

by Jaylen Florian

Hollywood Tease - Jaylen Florian
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 101

Four attractive people with secret lives and hidden desires converge at a decadent old apartment complex, just steps away from Hollywood Boulevard.

Each, in his or her own way, dares to strive for personal fulfillment in a ruthless, unpredictable, and enchanted town. But an unexpected chain of events could uncover all of their lies and transform their lives.

Ryan, an earnest young security guard, encounters diverse tenants as he begins a weekend patrol job. Enticed by a temptress after she beds other men, Ryan may finally discover the courage to explore his bisexuality.

Kaylani, an ambitious and secretive woman, shrewd from surviving ten years in a fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyle, clandestinely continues to pursue her dream of finding fame and fortune in the entertainment industry.

Miguel excels at his package delivery job, earning promotions and prized delivery routes. But the seduction of dirty money and instant wealth threatens his serious romantic relationship, employment, and freedom.

Valentina seeks true, healthy love and longs for a life partnership so she can attain a family and happiness. She has gambled with her future by forsaking her attraction to other women in the hope of securing a conventional marriage.

Their quests converge on a fateful and revealing night at a flamboyant Halloween party. Secrets are exposed, relationships form or crumble, and friendships strengthen. Gratification, for some, may finally be at hand.

“Hollywood Tease” is an original work of fiction with elements of mystery, drama, and romance. The novella features gay, lesbian, and straight characters and includes content intended for mature audiences.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction encompassing multiple genres, from romance to mystery.  Recent book series have focused on fake relationships, finding love where least expected, and gay relationships with straight-curious neighbors and other men.

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