Holly Folly EXmas

by Charity Parkerson

Holly Folly Exmas - Charity Parkerson

Life didn’t turn out quite like Caine hoped. He wouldn’t change a thing.

Through four years of high school, Caine secretly dated his best friend Mitchell. Their secret died a sudden death when Mitchell disappeared one night along with Caine’s sister, Sam. The pair moved away and married, cutting everyone from their lives. Caine was left behind, floundering and brokenhearted from the betrayal.

Three years have passed, and Mitchell and Sam are set to make their first holiday visit since they left town. A lot has changed since the pair last saw Caine. As much as Caine would like to skip seeing them, Sam is his only family and he doesn’t want to permanently lose their connection. It’s bound to be one heck of a holly folly Christmas with his ex. Especially once Mitchell finds out Caine’s secret.

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