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His Royal Highness

Introducing the Royal House de Baisemeux

by Kitt Elliott

His Royal Highness - Kitt Elliott - Black Isles
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: B07GBDZFWC/978-1-7199-0722-4
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 193

Prince Alexander of the Royal House de Baisemeux is heir to one of only a few absolute monarchies in the world. Orphaned at birth, he's spent his life thousands of miles away from his homeland where he's led a guarded, semi-public existence.

But his quiet life is coming to an end.

When he learns the time has come for his return, the future king realizes the change will mean heightened responsibilities and living his life in the spotlight. But there is one detail that presents a bigger problem for Alexander and his countrymen - he is expected to produce an heir to secure the throne and the continued freedom of his kingdom.

The problem? Alexander just happens to be gay.

Join him as he prepares to meet his destiny, discovers a decades-old mystery, and finds love among his High Cabinet in the opening novella of the Black Isles Series.


His body was like a furnace and Xander responded the only way he knew when Will held him - he melted in his arms.

When Will's finger probed deeper, Xander realized just how rough their earlier coupling had been. The breath catching in his throat was audible, immediately garnering Will's attention.

"You okay?" he asked, breaking the kiss.

Xander immediately felt the loss of his lips. "I'm fine. Just sore."

"I'm sorry, babe," Will said between light kisses. "Guess I got a little carried away. It's been a few days since we were together and I ... I wanted you badly."

"You mean you were horny as fuck," Xander chuckled.

Will removed his finger and swatted Xander across his bare ass. "Such words! You've a dirty little mouth, sweet prince."

"And you fucking love it," Xander countered.

Will laughed. "I do. Especially when my cock is in it."

About the Author

Kitt Elliott is an Ohio native. She attended Northwestern University. Her first novel, 3751 Daisy Street, actually began as a journal. Kitt says: “I was reared in a household where children were seen and not heard. While that’s a nice thought it effectively took away my voice as a child. Where do you go when no one wants to listen? I didn’t have the opportunity to talk but I could write and words never escaped me. I still journal to this day and it’s from my journaling that I discover the characters that eventually find their way into my stories. I use reading and writing to escape. I especially love to read love stories, and I don't care who the characters are, their gender, or what real or alter world they inhabit. I just love a good love story!" When Kitt is not writing she enjoys quilting, a timeless art she learned from her late grandmother. “There’s something about combining pieces of fabric to make a single thing that I find highly therapeutic.” In addition to quilting, Kitt also enjoys playing cello and listening to Jazz music.