His Loss

by Charity Parkerson

His Loss - Charity Parkerson
Part of the Shining Armor series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

There are millions of reasons people could call Richie insane. Richie knows it’s only one—losing Bryce.

After an undercover operation went wrong, Richie spent two months in captivity. The experience left him with more issues than he can count. Everything he suffered at the hands of a drug lord is nothing compared to the hell he brought upon himself afterward by leaving the only man he’s ever loved—Bryce.

Each morning, Bryce rides the train to work while pretending he doesn’t feel his ex’s stare on his skin. Richie left him. Bryce shouldn’t care how the man feels. He wants to let it go. However, when the pair end up trapped in an elevator, and Richie breaks down, Bryce does the only thing he can think to do to reach Richie. He kisses him.

Bryce’s kiss gives Richie something he never thought to have again—hope. Now Richie can’t stop trying to win back the man of his dreams before it’s too late. He has one trick left up his sleeve that never fails. Richie knows how to set Bryce’s body on fire like no one else, and he’s not afraid to sink to that level to get what he wants.

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