His Christmas Magic

A Holiday Romance

by Drea Roman

Wolf shifter Darren longs for his fated mate. Antsy and impatient, he is drawn to search the forest near his family lands the night before Thanksgiving. He senses his mate close by and a crashed sleigh leads him to a grievously injured man. His wolf and human sides are in complete agreement: the tiny blond with the sparkling blue eyes is their mate. But a head injury blurs his mate's past. Are his mate’s strange snippets of memory real or the imaginings of a traumatized brain? What do the man’s feats of magic mean for their bond and their future?

Tuck is concussed and confused. One thing he knows for certain: the hunky, dark haired fireman who smells like sage and wood smoke is his mate. But his memory is fuzzy. Who is this Nick he remembers so fondly? How does he make objects appear with the simple snap of his fingers and flick of his wrist? Why does he know the wrong words to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”? And what about the little girl who swears he has elf ears? Is Tuck really one of Santa's elves or is he just an injured man with Christmas on his mind?

His Christmas Magic is book nine of the Holiday Season (season four) of the multi-author series of Vale Valley, a small town full of magic and open to everyone in need of love and a home. Join Darren and Tuck as they figure out their future in this holiday story full of magic, love, and a guaranteed HEA.

About the Author

Drea Roman is a LGBTQ romance writer specializing in mm for the moment. I have two series, one contemporary and one omegaverse. Hearts Intertwined is a contemporary mm series set in Oakland. Loving Him and Saving Him are books 1 and 2 respectively. Book 3, Protecting Him, is in the works.

The Selkie's Coat is book 1 of my omegaverse series, Waves of Fate, and features shifters and magical creatures.

I am also publishing in the Vale Valley series. Last Christmas, His Christmas Magic debuted in Dec (2019) and I will have two books in the next season.

An academic and teacher by training, I am so excited to be writing and publishing. I love interacting with my readers.

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