Hidden Tracks

by Zoe Lee

Hidden Tracks - Zoe Lee
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 279

Everything they need is in harmony

Astrid Sinclair fought hard to become a respected music journalist, not just the ex-wife of a rock god. Her new story is about Downbeat, a folksy rock band about to break through to the big-time.

Seth Riveau has been living a peaceful, small-town life for the last six years. When his old band Downbeat invites him to play with them, he can’t say no to a chance to start moving forward again.

When they meet at a music festival, Seth is intrigued by the cool, illusive Astrid, while Astrid is curious about the calm, mysterious Seth. But he’s not prepared for the feelings Astrid causes, and she’s not ready to risk it all for someone new.

The rhythm is building a long time before they start to hear the lyrics. But what if Seth is moving towards stardom and Astrid’s totally done with the spotlight?

Reviews:Jen on Goodreads wrote:

I fell in love with Seth almost immediately, and Astrid didn't take long to push her way into my heart. This story kept going places I wasn't expecting, but not in a contrived/artificial way, as each turn made so much sense once I knew that character more. Seth and Astrid both surprised me at multiple points, in ways that just made the character make more sense rather than challenging what I already knew. Those caused shifts in my own perspective on the characters, challenging my own stereotyped expectations, and I loved it. I think Seth and Astrid are my favorite of the Maybelle couples (at least so far) and I would love to read more about both of them, either their fascinating lives before this book or any of the awesome future adventures I'm sure they will have

About the Author

Zoe writes contemporary romances and believed everyone will get extraordinary love stories since before she ever fell in love. She lives with her family near the mountains in Colorado, where she writes while listening to music, never drinks coffee, reads books in one sitting, and watches too many movies and tv shows. She’s been writing since she was a kid, but luckily she knows how grown-ups work now. Mostly.

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