by T.A. Creech

Herald - T.A. Creech
Part of the Theosophi series:
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ISBN: 9781634862349
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Pages: 352

Danny’s life has never been easy or straightforward. Farm life with his brothers was supposed to be a quiet existence, something he needed after his medical discharge from the Army.

Then an angel fell from the sky.

Four days before Christmas, two more followed, and Danny hasn’t the faintest idea why he’s so ensnared by one of them, but he is.

Of course, Gabriel isn’t at all pleased about getting knocked off his perch. It was too soon to be back on Earth. Too soon to fall into the trap of humanity and a mate.

Resistance is the only option Gabriel has against mortality’s cruel bite. Can he guard his heart against Danny?

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Reviews:Ashley on Hearts on Fire wrote:

Gabriel was not expecting to return to Earth so soon, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to be knocked down in such an unorthodox way. Worse than the mystery of how the angels fell and his inability to open a gate home, is the fact that he has found his mate. A mortal, human mate. Gabriel has already experienced too much death, his own and countless others, and the death of his mate is something he refuses to experience. But Danny is persistent and charming (and charmed himself) so it’s a battle Gabriel is doomed to lose.
This book starts when Gabriel wakes up after falling and is told from Gabriel and Danny’s perspectives. And I have to say, I loved the sequel as much as I loved the first book. Harold did a great job of picking up the storyline of Sentinel and expanding on it. We learn more about angels, and since Gabriel is more familiar with how humans view angels he is able to add more insight into how angels are in reality. I also loved the contrast between the confrontational Gabriel and the adorable Castiel, and that while Danny and Jason are very similar you can see the differences between them and their life experiences. Danny is definitely a soldier to Jason’s more compassionate personality.
Like the first book, the character interactions and romance felt natural and organic. Gabriel and Danny’s relationship did develop differently than Catiel and Jason’s, not least of all because Gabriel did fight it. And while some people might be annoyed by his reluctance, I personally think it makes some sense, and to be honest I have a weakness for grumpy characters. And Gabriel? The grumpiest. We see more “demons” in this book, and briefly meet another angel who came to Earth in the traditional way (it seems angels are usually born and live human lives, and I absolutely love that).
I would love to give this book 5 hearts, but it did have some fairly bad editing issues. There were a few times that words were omitted and the sentences were so mangled I had to re-read them several times to work out what they meant. So I had to take off half a heart, unfortunately. However, I still highly recommend this sweet and fun book, and I cannot wait for the rest of the series!

About the Author

I am a house-parent to a rambunctious small child and happily mated to an equally rambunctious military spouse. My adventures in writing began with fanfiction, and once I was hooked I never looked back.

While I've always tried to make my fanfiction unique, what I enjoy most about creating original work is the ability to delve into my stranger ideas without worrying about how I might apply them to someone else's world and characters. With my own creations, I take pride in twisting familiar tropes into something new and unexpected.

When I write, it is with the intention that my stories will leave a lasting impression. I hope you enjoy the characters and the worlds I create, and that they help you to find a place to exist, for a while, outside of your own. 

--T.A. Creech

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