by Kim Katil

Micah Barnham won't back off from pursuing corrupt politicians and city police. His reward is to be sent to Hell. Literally. For his own safety of course. But HellsGate is steeped in Demon intrigue. Even worse, his new boss is a growly but handsome Demon Lord he isn't sure he can resist. And then there are the adorable but lethal hellhoundcat puppies? kittens? that shadow his every move.

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About the Author

Kim Katil patrols the Universe with her dignity of dragons during the Harvest Moon. The rest of the time, Kim lives in the mythical and contentious territory known as Central Jersey. Originally from South Jersey, she is still unsure if Central Jersey is a real place or a Fae construct. Her movement from the lower to middle band of the state was interrupted by time spent living in Ireland, Boston, Uzbekistan, Maryland, Trinidad, and Florida.

A happily ever after is a necessity. Kim loves to give her characters a fun adventure to get them there and a plethora of family and friends to help them along the way.

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