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Hellish Holiday

by Charity Parkerson

Hellish Holiday - Charity Parkerson
Part of the Hellish series:
  • Hellish Holiday

Presents. Cocoa. A bound and nude Santa. It’s a bite-sized Hellish holiday.

When the Hellish clan decides to throw a human-style Christmas celebration for Jonathan, they never expect a troublesome perverted deer shifter will be the center of attention for the day. Neither did Payton. Four months ago, while in deer form, Payton accidentally ended up on Hellish land. After stopping to get a quick drink from the lake, he planned to move along. Four months later, he’s nude, bound, and in the king’s home with no memory of what happened in between. All he knows any longer is the all-consuming lust that burns through his veins all hours of the day.

With nothing but his last memory and the horrifying stories from his new friends about his lustful attempts to get back to the lake, Payton has to piece together his lost time. Payton hopes what he finds brings him peace. Because what or who he really wants seems too far-fetched to be real—even for a shifter.

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