Heart Trouble

by DJ Jamison

When Gage Evans gets a look at his hot nurse, he's smitten immediately. Too bad he's given the nurse the impression he's some kind of daredevil. It couldn't be further from the truth. Gage is a college journalism instructor writing a series of guest columns that require him to jump into new experiences -- a fun bucket list, but one that does nothing to convince Ben he's not an adrenaline junkie.

Fresh off his latest heartbreak, nurse Ben Griggs is wary when one of his patients shows an interest in him -- especially when that patient showed up in the ER after a motorcycle accident. Ben's ex was a biker, a friend with benefits, and he dropped Ben cold when someone more interesting came along. Ben isn't the kind of guy who can hold the interest of an adrenaline junkie like Gage Evans for long. The last thing he wants is to lose his heart to the wrong man again.

The more Ben gets to know Gage, the harder he is to resist. He can only hold on for the ride and keep his guard up as much as he can. But Ben's lack of trust seriously gets in the way of building a relationship, and Gage will only be patient so long. Can he trust Gage enough to give his heart, or are they destined to have a fling that goes nowhere?

Heart Trouble is a spin-off from the Ashe Sentinel Connection series but can be read as a standalone.

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Reviews:Tiffany on Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty wrote:

"This book was all about letting go of your fears and believing in love and trust. The writing was excellent and it flowed so easily. Overall it was a sweet story with some hot, sexy scenes in the mix. This was book six in the series, but can be read as a standalone. I didn't realize it at the time, but with how good this one was, it makes me want to read the others."

Sue on Books Laid Bare Boys wrote:

"They say the road to true love isn't always easy, well this one is covered with more cuts and bruises than most.
A light, romantic read that left me with a smile on my face.
4 out of 5 stars."

on Bayou Book Junkie:

"Overall, it was a fun, low-angst, entertaining read, very well-written and that flowed nicely. Recommendable!"

About the Author

DJ Jamison writes a variety of queer characters, from gay to bisexual to asexual, with a focus on telling love stories that are more about common ground than lust at first sight. She worked for more than a decade in the newspaper industry, which came in handy when she began her first m/m romance series about a small-town news staff, their sources and their love connections. She has since branched out into ERs, health clinics and other settings. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish that are miraculously still alive. Soon, she'll be adding a snake to the family and is not particularly looking forward to it!

DJ loves to stay in touch with her readers, and sometimes offers bonus content and giveaways in her newsletter. Sign up here! You can join her reader FB group for fun teasers and other updates: DJ and Company.

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