Hear Me, Daddy

The Rainbow Room Book 2

by M. Elton , L. Michael

Hear Me Daddy - L. Michael & M. Elton - The Rainbow Room
Part of the The Rainbow Room series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 212

What would you do for love? Could you look past a medical condition and see the person underneath? 

Victim's Rights Lawyer, Caden Evans, has a tedious life. Work. Home. Repeat. He is ready for a change. What he desires more than anything is someone to fill the empty void in his heart. A man to cuddle and care for. A man who was into age play and would be his Little Boy.  Could a chance encounter at the Rainbow Room be the answer to his silent prayers? 

Henry Reed is a bestselling author who writes age play novels. But what he wants most is a Daddy Dom. Just like in his stories. But a terrible accident at fourteen left Henry deaf and with other chronic medical issues. He thinks he's broken, and that no self-respecting Daddy would want a broken Boy. He’s afraid that his dark past and medical condition will keep him from finding a Daddy. 

Caden and Henry meet. Can they look past the broken pieces of their lives and find love?  

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About the Authors

M. Elton

M. Elton is an American Author living in Australia (Oh yeah, she’s married to an Australian, too). She never thought she would see the day that she got anything published. M Elton has been writing since she was about eight years old but doing nothing about it. It was not until that fate-filled meeting on Facebook. It was just a simple request for a writing buddy, that changed her life.  When she is not writing about the Daddies and Littles of the Rainbow Room, she is walking her doggie, Sasha, and spending quality time with her Daddy.

L. Michael

L. Michael is a German Author, who started with Fanfiction and then moved to erotic short stories under the pen name Jules Black. From there, it was a small step to the first full-length novel, published in Germany late 2020. If not writing or plotting with M. Elton, L. Michael loves binge-watching Crime Shows, Musicals, and Lord of the Rings. And as a nerdy, end-thirty Single, there is a lot of time for all of her favorite things.

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