Healing Hands of E’lan

by Leigh Jarrett

Healing Hands of E'Lan - Leigh Jarrett
ISBN: 978-0-9879162-5-9
ISBN: 978-0-9879162-5-9
ISBN: 978-0-9879162-5-9
ISBN: 978-1927553022

Provocative Prehistoric Erotic Romance

Zarum's interest in him was more than E'lan had been expecting, given his preference—but then maybe Zarum had sensed something.

E'lan had been told all his life that he was the most beautiful and alluring "girl" and now "woman" anyone had ever set eyes on and each time the clans gathered to seek mates for their younger clan members, E'lan enjoyed the admiration bestowed upon him, but the necessity to keep his true gender and sexuality a secret prevented him from finding a mate for himself.

As the healer of the Clan N'kip, E'lan was also their spiritual leader. A position passed down to him by his mother—strictly a woman's position within the clan. Only the elders knew of the deception his mother had strategically undertaken throughout E'lan's life.

This mating season, four spirits willing, he would be included in the celebrations. The elders would choose a suitable mate for him and he'd be permitted to take that man back to his sleeping platform and fulfill his long-awaited desires.

As a man—not a woman


The sound of wolves howling in the distance only served to raise the already alarming rate of Zarum's thundering heart. He'd been waiting amongst the trees for much longer than usual, but there was no sign of anyone approaching through the underbrush.

His gut twisted with need.

The blackness of the night was likely the reason for the lack of potential partners. If he hadn't been held back for the past few nights discussing clan politics with his father, the chief of Clan Sil'na, he wouldn't be scurrying around in the thick dark of a moonless night.

It was far too dangerous.

Zarum snorted into the cold night air. Instead of wandering around in the dark, he should be in the cave, flat out on his sleeping platform, finger fucking his ass and dragging every drop of cum from his cock with his own bare hand.

He groaned as his ass clenched, hungry—anxious.

He needed more than a hand to satisfy him tonight.


Zarum held his breath, detecting someone, or something approaching. Air drifted quietly into his chest, tentatively expanding his lungs as a soft, thrumming whistle pierced the air. He answered the call and hauled the tunic off over his head, laying it carefully on the ground beside him. He wanted to be able to find it in the dark again, once they were done.

Rough scales of tree bark stabbed sharp and angry into Zarum's ass and shoulders. The other lone clan member in the forest tonight had found Zarum and forced him against it, burying his groping hand in Zarum's groin, testing his interest.

Zarum's instinct screamed at him to fight back and protect himself. There was no telling who'd called out to him, but a steady surge of blood to his cock and a lightning fast twinge deep in his ass kept him from reacting with anything more than a low groan of desire.

He just needed to stay calm.

There was a momentary pause while the other man presumably removed his tunic, then the heat of Zarum's mounting erection was forced against his stomach, strings of pre-cum wetting his skin as a calloused hand jerked him aggressively, hauling him to the balls of his feet.

His mind jumped to protest, but his body was getting off on the harsh treatment. It was flooding his dick with increasing tension. He told his mind to quiet itself and think about something else. His ass was aching and the only thing that would cure it was a thick, hard dick inside it, slamming him until he either lost consciousness or came—or both.

The sharp smell of pine resin and bear grease mixed with ash closed in around Zarum's senses. He'd been fucked by this clansman before. Perhaps a full moon cycle ago and he had a pretty good idea who it was. The soap maker's son was going to be rough and heavy-handed.

He remembered that much for certain.

Zarum's head shot back against the tree as the clansman's hand worked its way around into his crease, brushing his tightening sac, and plunging a thick, wet finger deep into his ass.

That was new at least.

He ground hard on that finger, wanting so much more to fill that throbbing space. The sound of spit being hocked into the clansman's other hand had him tensing with anticipation.

He welcomed the short duration of abuse as he was thrown to his knees, then a surly cock jammed past the smooth ring in his ass, sending him pitching forward momentarily. He forced his muscles to relax and accept the barrage of pounding that would soon lead him to ecstasy.


The newest member of the Clan N'kip squirmed angrily in E'lan's arms as she adjusted the skins to keep the chilly air in the cave from reaching him. She smiled down into his tiny, screaming face. He was pinking up nicely now that she'd breathed the life of the four spirits into his body.

E'lan had experienced some difficulty with his delivery. He'd become tangled in the cord that tethered him to the inside of his mother's womb, but after carefully inserting her hand, E'lan had determined the direction of the loop and freed his head.

He'd slipped right out after that.

E'lan was pleased to see the child was perfectly formed with the correct number of fingers and toes, straight solid legs, and plenty of fat to feed him until his mother's milk came in.

As clan healer, E'lan spent much of her day conversing with the four spirits, asking them to guide her hands as she worked, and throughout her life, they'd continued to answer her favorably.

It had been a good season for birthing healthy babies. Only two had been lost, moving on to the afterlife long before they were due to cross E'lan's hands. The four spirits knew what was best for the survival of the Clan N'kip. E'lan placed an unwavering faith in their eternal knowledge, regardless of how painful or confusing their decisions might be at times.

E'lan passed the baby to his mother, Zeffi.

"He's beautiful," E'lan said and brushed the soft fuzz on his head lightly. "He looks just like his father with all that black hair."

"He does, doesn't he?" Zeffi reached for E'lan's hand to keep her from retreating. "I want to thank you, E'lan. Without you, he would've been lost."

"It is my honor and duty." E'lan bowed to Zeffi as was customary for a healer but then allowed her face to light up with excitement. E'lan had been close friends with Zeffi for as long as either could remember. E'lan recalled how thrilled Zeffi had been when she'd told her she was with child.

Zeffi had seen sixteen full cycles of the seasons since her birth, and she'd chosen a mate from a prominent clan during the clan gathering last dry season. On the day of the longest sunrise, as was the tradition of all clans, Zeffi had bonded with him alongside all the other young women who had chosen mates in a celebration which often lasted for many nights.

E'lan wrinkled her nose. Even though she herself was of the proper age to find a mate, she'd only watched the festivities. As clan healer, E'lan had no such freedom to choose her own mate. Her mate had to be chosen by the elders of the clan, and she was anxious for them to decide. She had seen eighteen full cycles of the seasons and she was becoming restless with the delay.

She knew it was a difficult decision for the elders to make as the four spirits would be greatly displeased if the elders bonded their healer, their connection to the afterlife, to a man beneath her in status. The elders needed to secure the son of a clan chief.

E'lan sighed with exasperation, thinking about it, wondering if it was ever going to happen. The new mating season was fast approaching and the elders would soon be expecting all the clans in the surrounding area to arrive at their cave and grounds in preparation. It was Clan N'kip's turn to host the celebration.

The elders had promised E'lan that many candidates had already shown interest in the possibility of their sons joining their clan as her mate, and she wasn't to worry. E'lan wasn't worried. The four spirits would guide the elders to the correct man, but it was all she could think about—she desperately wanted someone to share her life with, maybe even fall in love with. The life of a healer tended to be a lonely one.

"Perhaps you'll be holding a son of your own soon," Zeffi said to E'lan, interrupting her thoughts. "Or a daughter to train as healer."

E'lan scowled. "That is extremely unlikely, Zeffi."

"You must not give up hope. The elders will find you a suitable mate." Zeffi ran a strand of E'lan's long, silky, flaxen hair through her fingers.

"I will likely choose a young girl from the clan to train when the time is right."

"I wish you wouldn't talk like that," Zeffi responded. "You cannot possibly know for sure that you're unable to carry a child."

E'lan smirked humorously at this. "Zeffi, I'm a healer. If anyone knows whether or not conception is possible, it would be me."

"Well, I shall not give up hope." Zeffi motioned for E'lan to come closer. She kissed her affectionately on the forehead, remembering to keep her distance. E'lan didn't allow anyone to handle her face or kiss her cheeks, or even embrace her anymore.

She'd started acting strangely about seven full cycles ago, guarding her body more vehemently than was normal even for her. E'lan's mother had set a precedent by insisting on completely private sleeping quarters and bathing areas for E'lan.

Being clan healer at the time, she'd always been granted what she requested.

Zeffi pushed the thoughts from her mind. E'lan was clan healer and spiritual connection to the afterlife. If E'lan didn't want anyone touching her, she must have good reasons.

Although, she wondered how that was going to affect E'lan's relationship with a future mate. Perhaps she'd allow the man she was bonded with to touch her. She had no objection to intimacy. She'd heard rumors whispered amongst the men about E'lan. Apparently, she wasn't a stranger to the ways of men. From what Zeffi had overheard, E'lan was skilled with the use of her mouth and hands to give men intense pleasure.

Unfortunately, the sexual encounters never went beyond that. E'lan never offered her body to any of them, and Zeffi found that concerning given E'lan's position in the clan. E'lan could take any man she desired to her bed without reprisal—from anyone.

Back in her private area of the cave, E'lan stretched out on her sleeping platform. The delivery had taken more out of her than usual. The thought of losing Zeffi's first child had distressed her immensely. Regardless of the four spirits will, the loss of that precious baby boy would've shaken E'lan to the core.

She'd been anxious to close her eyes and rest, but on the way back to her alcove in the cave, she'd been cornered by the tanner who'd offered to make her a new tunic if she pleasured him. Even with sleep weighing heavily behind her eyelids, the temptation had been too much to resist. The tanner had a gorgeous cock. She'd taken him down one of the dark veins of the cave.

E'lan grinned and rolled onto her stomach. The sound of the tanner cumming must have echoed throughout the entire cave system and beyond. She ground her hips into the bedding, remembering the feel of the tanner's hot, throbbing cock in her throat, and the salty, bitter taste of his cum as it filled her mouth.

E'lan licked her lips. She could still taste it.

Need surged heavily in her loins. E'lan tucked her hand down the front of her body, hauled her undergarments aside, and stroked the slick wetness and warmth with her hand, pulling her body closer to the edge of ecstasy with each tight, jacking caress.

Shifting her body, E'lan licked her finger and reached between her legs. Practice and an intricate knowledge of anatomy had her thrusting it deep into her ass, pressing and massaging the sensitive gland just inside the tight pulsing hole.

E'lan shuddered forward, biting into the skins near his face as he spilled onto the bedding in waves of blinding heat, releasing ropes of cum into the furs. He laughed throatily, milking the last drop from his cock as he massaged his aching balls. They'd been bound to his body since long before first light. Exhausted or not, he'd needed the release.

He groaned into the furs. The elders were becoming seriously annoyed with the number of skins he was dropping off to be cleaned, but he couldn't exactly be seen washing semen stains from his own bedding.

Everyone knew E'lan never took any men to her bed.


About the Author

Leigh Jarrett is an unabashedly queer, quirky, and passionate author of LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction, her books embracing the full spectrum of the rainbow. Her published contemporary works include gritty and angst-filled romances featuring Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer characters, with plans for a Lesbian Romance in the future. And her fantasy series, "Drakkar Coven" is brimming with lust driven vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters.

Having been bullied as a child for being "different," writing, and publishing LGBTQ+ Romantic Fiction has given Leigh an opportunity to express her uniqueness, inspired by the LGBTQ+ community she calls home, her books highlighting their struggles, while celebrating their diversity, and affirming their most basic of human rights … to love and be loved.

In her hometown of Kelowna, BC, in Canada, Leigh can be found nestled up with her fabulously supportive wife, her trusty laptop, and their persistent treat seeker, Miss Mimi-dog.

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Leigh also writes under two other pen names. Gavin E. Black, writer of Hot Gay Erotica with a slice of romance, because every girl needs a naughty alter ego, and Sara J. Miller, trying her hand at young/new adult fiction, writing "Halo in the Snow," a first-love gay romance.

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