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by Taylin Clavelli

Hathonatum - Taylin Clavelli - Pelethus
Part of the Pelethus series:
  • Hatonatum
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 6.99
ISBN: 978-1-641-22-2914

Have you ever wondered if that little voice inside you is actually, your voice?
Egypt captivates Benjamin. As an adult, he immerses himself in his chosen profession, as an archaeologist in the ancient city of Abydos. For Ben, the hieroglyphs, and paintings unlock dreams of a time long lost.
The dig Ben works on is financed by Ashari Hathonatum. For many years, the man has been looking for the one who completes him. He initially saw his heart’s match from a distance. But that was a long time ago and from an alternate universe. When Ashari encounters Ben, he wonders if he is the reincarnation of the man he saw, through another’s eyes, all those years ago. Will the secrets Ashari hides about his heritage stop their love blooming, or will others from his dimension, determined to keep Ashari from his heart’s match, rule the day?

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Historians, archeologists, Egyptologists, and a host of other people have always been captured by the wonders of Egypt. They have searched for answers within sand-incarcerated ruins while Hollywood and the imaginations of millions were romanced by the possibilities of what might be.

As the eons progressed, the desert uncloaked elements of its camouflaged, clandestine past, though much remains hidden. Some mysteries stay concealed between its grains. They whisper in the wind, never to be found by brush or trowel.

Uncovered are the ruins of pyramids and cities of old, holding tantalizing scriptures and paintings of the past. For a few, the images unlock hidden doors in a person’s mind, transporting them back to the echoes of a life long lost.

Some remains hold more secrets than others. What has survived to the present day is a fraction of the lives and experiences of the people.


A monument to everything ancient is Abydos, one of the oldest cities of earliest Egypt and the first known Egyptian royal cemetery. Discoveries made at the site hold the key to solving many mysteries, and is the starting point of others.

What answers does the site hold?

What path is it poised to set a soul on?

The adventure, for one soul, started in the lush greenery of the British Lickey Hills, but it is not where the original story truly began.

Reviews:Sue on Midnight Cafe wrote:

Hathonatum Is a mash up between Indiana Jones and The Mummy with a touch of sci/fi, fantasy. Which makes exciting action adventure read with a rich cultural setting in Egypt.
We follow Ben a young man that has always been fascinated about Egypt’s history.
He joins an Archaeology dig In Egypt. Where he meets Ashari. They soon become friends, but there is an air of mystery to Ashari. And strange things start happening to Ben both in dreams and in life.
Ben slowly learns that his soul has been on earth before, but that is not the biggest revelation when it turns out Ashari was kind of Bens lover way back in ancient times.
We follow the duo as they race against time to get Ben to safety when it becomes clear someone is out to kill him. Even when Ashari takes Ben to his home planet, they are still being hunted,
The story world is rich in Egyptian history and culture on earth. As well as a modern paradise full of vivid greenery, and Technology that human scientists are still dreaming of a brand-new world on Ashari’s home planet.
I really liked the way the author explained how Ashari could still be alive after all this time after Ancient Egypt.
All in all, A excellent and exciting read. I look forward to following the series.

Shari on Shari Sakurai wrote:

Hathonatum is a different kind of read and I mean that in a good way. First of all I loved how it combined ancient Egypt with the modern day and alien twist. It really made for a unique and compelling read. The Interracial relationship was another interesting dynamic to the novel and one that I really liked. Although Ashari appears human there are some differences. The world of Pelethus is still developing, but you are shown enough of the world to start to get an idea of what kind of place it is. As this is the first novel in a series I am sure it will be expanded upon more in later novels.
Hathonatum is very well written. It flows well with no lag in narrative and you definitely want to keep turning the page to find out what happens next. As I mentioned above it is the first novel in a series, although the next novel will feature different characters. I am intrigued by this and look forward to reading book two.

Maggie Blackbird on Maggie Blackbird wrote:

First, this book was really different, and its concept very interesting. As noted in the blurb, Benjamin is an archeologist obsessed with Egypt. He has been since he was a little boy. So when he begins his first official dig under the tutelage of a man named Terry, Ben’s whole life is about to change.
That’s about as much as I’ll say about the plot because it was so well put together, I had no idea what was coming next. I didn’t. Each time I turned the page, I was in for a surprise. It was really a gripping tale.
As for the romance between Benjamin and Ashari, the chemistry was strong, and the same for the way they cared about one another. The romance moved at a slow pace, something I really liked. They created a nice bond set up wonderfully by the author because the events that happen afterward required such a strong bond.
The main characters were extremely likeable. Ben was a young man about to embark on a new life in Egypt after finishing his schooling, and Ashari was a kind man shrouded in mystery. The mystery about him kept me guessing, especially when Ben would dream about the ancient past.
The world and culture building was done extremely well. I really enjoyed this part of the novel, especially a look into the past of ancient Egypt. The research had me deep in the ancient ruins. Well done.
This is a great book of romance, mystery, action, and adventure. It’s a wonderful read.
There were some POVs that were unnecessary. But other than that quibble, I think you’ll enjoy Hathonatum. The writing is top-notch. I recommend you give it a try. You won’t regret it. It’s a wonderful novel to retire to after a long day and lose yourself in before falling asleep.

About the Author

I am proud to be British and proud to be an author of gay romance stories from varying genres. I write under the pseudonym Taylin Clavelli, not because I don’t want my real name out there, but because I think my real name is unmemorable for an author. The name came about from a night of Skype and a lot of wine.

My first published work - a comedy called Boys Toys and Carpet Fitters - came out in 2012. It was part of a Dreamspinners anthology called Don't Do This At Home. Since then, I have produced a further two novels and five short stories, not including Hathonatum.

As well as being married for close to thirty years, and have a grown-up family, who I adore - I work part-time at a Manor Hotel, where I am also the resident historian. I am a book reviewer, too for a well-known site.

Not being a spring chicken anymore, I have a few hobbies that over the years have come, gone and resurfaced again. I am an experienced horse rider, and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I help my husband with DIY projects, upcycle as much as possible and love my garden. As for those simple things that make me stop in my tracks. The dawn chorus, baking bread, lasagne, and the scene where Shadowfax makes his screen entrance.