Hard Sell

by Kendall Morgan

Hard Sell - Kendall Morgan
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781311113580
Pages: 54

What if the porn star you always adored was secretly living right under your nose?

Wes Mitchell, 49, is the best real estate agent in Urlack, a small Midwestern town. He has political ambitions, but he has secrets he thinks will destroy his life and his business. To protect all he has, he keeps his personal life private and his heart locked away.

When Jesse Ekstrom, 32, meets Wes he slowly realizes why the handsome older man looks so familiar. Wes Mitchell is Wes Western, the hunky star of the porn videos that helped Jesse come out and deal with a rocky adolescence. Meeting Wes is like meeting his hero.

Although Wes finds Jesse very attractive, he is leery of the younger man, unsure of what he wants from him. All Jesse wants is for Wes to open his heart. Jesse’s initial attempts to date Wes go well but mean becoming another one of his secrets. That is not good enough for Jesse. Wes has to decide whether he is willing to risk a life that is good enough for a love that is beyond his wildest dreams.

This gay contemporary erotic romance love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

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When Wes had introduced himself to Jesse, he had called himself Wes Mitchell, and that was technically correct. His birth certificate said Wesley Charles Mitchell, and he had spent most of his life being called “Wes.” Years ago he had used another name, and he didn’t want anyone to know what that was. If anyone knew, he was pretty sure that his list of regular real estate clients would find someone else with whom to work. Gary and Jeff already knew. His other friends would probably be supportive, but he had the feeling that his mother would be heartbroken. And who knew what other crap the denizens of Urlack could come up with.


Wes hadn’t just left Los Angeles. He had left West Hollywood and the porn industry. He had been a porn star, not one of the biggest, but he was pretty high up there. He came home to Urlack fifteen years ago for two reasons. The first reason was that he was burned out on drugs and sex. Hell, when he left his porn career behind, he couldn’t even get his dick hard anymore. He needed to stop fucking, snorting, licking, injecting and inhaling. Making porn sounded like fun to most people. It was at times, but making porn turned sex into work and really sucked all the fun out of it, no pun intended. And a lot of porn stars died of unnatural causes. He didn’t want to be a headline with a needle in his arm or a gun in his hand or anyone else’s. He didn’t want to die of AIDS. He also came home to take care of his mother. She had just had a stroke, and she needed him. Wes believed that they had saved each other’s lives.

His mother had recovered to the point where she could live alone for the most part but needed some help with heavy lifting and building maintenance. They lived together in a two-flat. Wes had the upper apartment, and his mother had the lower level. Just after her stroke, she needed him to do everything. Wes had initially grumbled, but caring for his mother had allowed him to get to know her and relate to her as an adult. He grew to like her for who she was. She wasn’t at all surprised when he came out to her a year after his return. He couldn’t live with her and keep the fact that he was gay from her. He didn’t tell her about his porn career. He thought she’d find it shocking and be disappointed in him, although he wondered from time to time if he underestimated her.

When he had come out to her, she had said to him, “You know, I lived through the ’60s, just in case you have more to tell.”

Reviews:on Gay.Guy.Reading and Friends:

"This author did a really great job of showcasing being gay, coming out and life in a small town."

About the Author

I started writing gay male erotic romance stories in the early '90s, but only gay male porn magazines would publish them. I'm so glad things have gotten more respectable and the readership more broad. I am a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage, and I love writing interracial romance stories. I love flipping stereotypes and challenging myself to write characters that are ever further from who I am. I hope you enjoy my stories. I certainly love writing them.

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