Hard Hats and Hollywood

by Leighton Greene

Tavian doesn’t know how lucky he is…but he’s about to find out.

After winning a role in an independent film, up-and-coming actor Tavian Bianchi decides to go Method to get into his character’s headspace, and takes a gig with his uncle’s construction crew. That’s where he meets Frowny McBlue, aka Asher Sullivan, a working class guy with an incredible body, sparkling blue eyes...and an attitude problem.

From the moment they meet, Tavian seems to annoy the prickly Ash. But Tavian soon discovers that Ash’s hard exterior hides a heart of gold, and a lonely existence. By day Ash works the tower crane, and by night he shuts himself away from the world in his tiny apartment.

Tavian and Ash begin a hot affair that spills over into the workplace. Not everyone is happy to see them together, but Tavian has enough on his hands just convincing Ash to give him a chance!

Can Tavian persuade Ash to break down the walls he’s built up over the years?

Can Ash let go of the chip on his shoulder?

Or will class conflict get in the way of true love?

Find out in this rich guy-poor guy contemporary gay romance, where opposites attract and new adults begin to find their way in the world.

Hard Hats and Hollywood is a steamy, stand-alone M/M romance novella with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

About the Author

Leighton Greene has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Her first book was a choose-your-own-adventure style book about deciding what to eat for breakfast. It didn’t shake the New York Times bestseller list, but she still has a copy of it.

After spending some time writing in academia, fanfiction and corporate reporting, Leighton decided she should probably do what she actually wanted to do, which was to write commercial fiction. So she did. She writes gay romance and, when the mood strikes, erotica as LJ Greene.

Leighton lives with her partner and her cockatiel on the east coast of Australia.

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