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Gruff Touch

by R. Cayden

Gruff Touch - R. Cayden - Geek Ink
Part of the Geek Ink series:
  • Gruff Touch
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 210
Sometimes, love shines where you least expect it.
There are a million reasons I shouldn’t crush on growly, grumpy Caesar Marin.
For starters, the man is probably twice my age.
He’s a famous tattoo artist, a biker with a pit bull, and he’s made it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with my geeky butt.
He’s also apparently my father’s old friend.
Not that I ever met my father. I only learned his name this year, and as soon as I tracked him down, I discovered that he had already passed.
And with Mom gone now, too, that leaves Caesar as my only hope for learning more about the man.
Caesar with the sexy growl, silver hair, and thick neck.
Caesar who pushes me away even as his eyes beg me to stay.
He’s the last man I should fall for, yet something deep inside insists that Caesar should be mine.
If I can only shine bright enough to warm his grumpy heart…
Gruff Touch is an age gap, grumpy/sunshine, geek and bad boy romance with a guaranteed HEA. It features a growly tattoo artist, a geeky sweetheart who loves repairing pinball machines, and two opposites who spark when they attract. Book 4 in Geek Tattoo, it can be enjoyed alone or as part of the steamy M/M series.
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About the Author

R. Cayden writes sweet and steamy M/M romance. He's usually busy reading and writing, but when he's got some free time, he enjoys catching a game of pool and relaxing at the lake with his husband.

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