Grimaulkin Tempted

by L. A. Jacob

Grimaulkin Tempted - L.A. Jacob
Part of the Grimaulkin series:
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 14.95
ISBN: 9781944412906
Size: 9.00 x 5.00 in
Pages: 208

The Plan: Mike Lebonte has the apartment to himself, so he's going to spend two wonderful weeks with his new boyfriend, Scott. Maybe, just maybe, they'll find themselves in bed together.

The Reality: Mike's cousin calls him for help. She's being stalked by a mysterious person who leave roses at her doorstep and follows her around in a black car. Because she's so scared, she ends up staying with Mike. Mike, meanwhile, finds out he has a parole officer who gives him an offer that he definitely refuses. And to add insult to injury, Scott's ex shows up from Toronto.

To make things even worse, Mike is starting to realize that he's the only one who can see demons. The Rosicrucians want to "help" him, but will he lose his power if he lets them?

About the Author

She has been writing about magic for over 30 years, but is just recently published. She writes gay erotica and young adult romance with a paranormal or magical bent. She lives in Rhode Island with two cats, Tom and Max.

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