Going Rogue

by Kass Barrow

Going Rogue - Kass Barrow

He came to save mankind. Falling in love wasn't part of the equation.

Inside every human on this planet is a genetic time bomb that’s already started ticking. A gene planted inside of us seven million years ago by a being known as the Caretaker has mutated causing many of today’s common disorders, first in the brain and then in other less complex organs. Next it will spread to the reproductive system, leading to the eventual annihilation of mankind.

The only one who can save us is the Caretaker’s son.

From a race of near-immortal asexuals, the Caretaker’s son must adopt human form to fulfil his mission and save our race. Having studied humans from afar all of his life, the Caretaker’s son is excited at the prospect of his brief visit to Earth, but once in human form he is subjected to the full gamut of human emotions—something he is ill-equipped to cope with—and that’s when things start to unravel.

He isn’t meant to fall in love.
Especially not with a human male.

Blake Denby doesn’t believe in extra-terrestrials. He believes in hot sex and pizza, followed by more hot sex. When an intriguing stranger turns up at the hotel where he works as receptionist, all he can think about is sharing hot sex, pizza and more hot sex with the gorgeous boy with the piercing blue eyes.

They say be careful what you wish for, but never has it been more true. The Caretaker’s son can only maintain his transient human form for a limited time and then he must return home. As his and Blake’s lives become inexorably entangled, their growing attraction to each other can surely only lead to heartbreak and could ultimately affect the survival of the entire human race.

Can love find a way against such odds?

GOING ROGUE is an erotic gay romance of approx. 40,000 words.

This book is on:
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Pairings: MM
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: First Time, InstaLove / Love at First Sight, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Star-Crossed Lovers, Tease and Denial
Word Count: 40000
Setting: London, U.K.
Languages Available: English

Ping! Ping! goes the old brass bell on the counter top. I turn back around, ready to offer my assistance, but I’m met with a sight that renders me temporarily speechless. Standing the other side of the counter is a specimen of such utter male gorgeousness that my heart starts flapping around my chest like a drunken moth.

Oh, wow! Hello sexy! You can ping my bell any day of the week!

His face is ashen and he appears a little disorientated. He stares at me in silence and I gawk right back. It has been a long time since anyone has set my pulse racing.


He looks a little younger than me, maybe twenty-two to my twenty-six, but in every other department we’re worlds apart. My mousy hair has been bleached blond, while his is as black as the night sky. He’s slim with not a lot of muscle, but what he has appears nicely sculpted. His skinny black jeans look as if they were spray-painted on him and his muscle-fit t-shirt clings in all the right places too. The last time I saw the inside of a gym I still had acne and homework. The school gym wasn’t even a proper gym anyway. There weren’t any bench presses or treadmills, it was all roll mats and climbing frames. But it’s not even his physique that blows me away. It’s that gorgeous face. To say he’s as pretty as a picture would be an understatement. He’s as pretty as a whole gallery. If he stands there for much longer, I might just have to tack a frame around his face and hang him on the wall for my viewing pleasure.

I’m not saying I’m ugly. In fact, I’m a pretty decent-looking guy if you catch me at the right angle, but I’m not in his league. Not even close.

And those eyes! I mean, wow! He’s standing there, ensnaring me in his gaze with those piercing blue laser beams and I can feel them scorching my cheeks a dark crimson. I fan my face with my hand, not caring if it alerts him to how hot and bothered he’s making me. In fact I want him to know he’s lighting my fire in every which way.

He’s gay, for sure. I feel it in my bones. Yes, definitely. Oh yes, please! Please, please, please be gay!

I take a sip of water from the glass under the counter and sit up straight. I’m sure someone that good-looking gets people drooling over him all the time and he’s probably dumbstruck at how unprofessional I’m acting. I offer up a coy smile and put on my sweetest come-and-get-me voice.

“Hello there! And how may I be of assistance to you this fine morning?”

“Hello”—his eyes flick to my name badge—“Blake!” He stretches his lips taut across his teeth in a smile that’s crooked and awkward, as if he’s nervous. How such a pretty face can produce such an ugly smile is beyond me. I’m sure my lip must have curled up at such a gruesome sight because he quickly drops the fake smile, much to my relief.

“Hi!” I reply, somewhat perturbed.

“I have arrived!” he announces, as if I should congratulate him or something. I oblige. In my own fashion.

“Whoopee! Shall I put up the bunting?” He looks confused, as a lot of people do when I try to be funny, so I decide it’s best if I stick to the script. I pull open the drawer under my desk and rummage for a luggage tag.

“Are you here to check in because I’m afraid you’re several hours too early for that, but I can stow your luggage if you like?”

“I have no luggage. I am here to meet a female.”

Oh great! Hero to zero in ten seconds flat. Why are all the pretty ones straight?


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British author of m/m romance with a contemporary, speculative or science fiction theme.

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