GingerDead Man

Paavo Wolfe Book Two

by Logan Zachary

GingerDead Man - Logan Zachary
Part of the Paavo Wolfe series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 264
Paperback (Abkhazian): $ 18.95 USD

Paavo Wolfe sells horror, but he isn't prepared for what he finds in the baker's oven. A body burns at his feet, and his ex, Detective Joe DeCarlo, is on the case. Joe is getting unwanted help investigating the crime from Paavo and his best friend, Stacey. While Paavo and Joe's relationship is getting better, going uncover in the bathhouse isn't going to help Paavo mend their issues.

A steam room stranger, the new bakery owner, and his landlord reveal grudges against the dead baker. Lured back to the sauna, the heat is turned up as Paavo embarks on a dangerous relationship.

When the homeless shelter blows up, Paavo knows he's in trouble and has to keep Stacey and Joe out of the line of fire. Can Paavo find the killer before everything goes up in smoke?

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About the Author

Logan Zachary is a mystery author living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works as an occupational therapist. He is an avid reader and book collector, and he enjoys movies, concerts, plays, and all the other cultural events that the Twin Cities have to offer.

His stories can be found in Hard Hats, Taken By Force, Boys Caught in the Act, Ride Me Cowboy, Best Gay Erotica 2009, Ultimate Gay Erotica 2009, Surfer Boys, SexTime, Queer Dimensions, Obsessed, College Boys, Teammates, Skater Boys, Boys Getting Ahead, College Boys, Men at Noon, Monster at Midnight, Homo Thugs, Black Fire, Mob Men on the Make, Model Men, Boys of Summer, Spice Boys, Hot Jocks, Afternoon Delights, and Rough Trade.

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